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How To’s: An Easy Guide to Storing Your Flowers

  Kali R  Jan 31, 2018

If you were wondering how to store your High Grade Aid when you’re not smoking it, then think no more! With only a few minutes of your time and some things that you’re more than likely to have around your house, or that are readily obtainable for a small price, you can keep your cannabis fresh and funky for days on days to come with these easy solutions.

Solution #1 : Mason Jars

Mason Jar Full of Cannabis

Source: Reddit

At the top of my list for ease of access, modest discretion, and overall price and satisfaction, the age old Mason stash jar takes the cake for by far the most versatile storage container for your green, or purple. Mason Jars can be fount at just about any Supermarket, however they’re most definitely available at Walmart, Amazon, and the like for about a dollar or so a jar, and in singles or packs of 12, depending on where you get them from. Do some shopping around for what works best for you but expect to spend no more than $15 bucks on quite a few jars.

Make sure you get wide mouth mason jars with the screw top lids. In my experience, the latch lid type Mason Jars are OK for storage, but they poke out of pockets and can quite easily open up in a backpack when you’re on the go. Screw top Mason Jars are airtight in nature from a rubber seal in their 2 piece lid, perfect for storing your cannabis for long term use.

Always gauge the size of your jar accordingly; you don’t want a jar that has too much free space overhead after you fill it. The less air you have in the jar, the better. Over exposure to excess air will start to degrade your cannabinoids. That’s why weed tastes / smokes differently after you leave it out overnight. My rule of thumb is fill it to a peak 85%; not too crampacked and not too empty.

Always store your stash jars in a cool dark place. Closets, drawers, and under that side of the bed you keep your bong next too, are all great places to stash your stash. For long term storage consider burping your jars once a week, or once a month, depending on how long you plan on storing it by opening it, and giving your buds a little churn. This ensures fresh air to come in contact with your cannabis as it chills, allowing it to ferment in a new wave of its own dank. Adding an optional Boveda 62 pack will help keep your buds danknasty.

Solution #2 : Personal C-Vault

Source: CVault

Number 2 on the list is this awesome  stainless steel container called the CVault. A two piece product, the CVault has an airtight locking mechanism that is engaged on 3 sides for 360 degree coverage, a slot for a Boveda pack in the lid, and an entirely opaque design, making them a proper choice for quality cannabis storage. CVaults start at $18 bucks and work their way up depending on your solution size.

Although they slightly one up Mason Jars for their substantial light protection, they come in second just because you can get various mason jar sizes for the price of one CVault, but hey, they are definitely worth the investment. CVaults look like Tupperwares before they get too beastly, so they work well for discretion. Like with Mason Jars, always choose the appropriate size for the range of cannabis you plan on storing, to get the most out of the experience. Fill your CVaults as you would a Mason Jar, aiming for around 85% full.

Slap a Boveda pack in the lid’s build in top compartment, and you have a sure free way to keep those buds as crisp and sticky as when you got them. With any storage of cannabis, keep your CVault in a nice cool environment, and make sure you snap up all them lids to keep your Vault air tight!

Solution #3 : Medtainers

Lit Medtainer

Source: Pinterest

Although they don’t hold nearly as much goodies as #1 and #2 do, the Medtainer is a cheeky little storage container for the patient on the go, or who doesn’t want to tote around a huge stash. In a compact yet airtight 3 piece design,  Medtainers are equip’t with a built in grinder and cache to store your nugs, or ground up flowers, and made from very durable and opaque plastic that comes in a variety of colours and flavours to suit your individual taste.

Medtainers are your all in one product for cannabis storage, and discretion on the go; for roughly $16 bucks you can pick one of these up and break it in. You can easily stuff an 1/8 oz or so if you tried, although I’d recommend playing around with what works best for you. For people who roll joints, keep your medicine in a Medtainer, and all you’ll ever need to carry is a bill to roll over, and some papers to get your roll on.

When I’m not needing an abundance of flowers, or if I need to travel light, but still have easy access to my medicine, this is my go to storage container outside of my first two picks, which happen to serve as the companion to the Medtainer; just refill from your main storage container and have a more portable option that doubles as a tool to break up your flowers and get the job done efficiently.



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