Super Silver Haze

Dank, trichome covered nugs that have a pungent, sweet smell to them that is slightly citrus and fruity.

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Winner of three consecutive Cannabis Cups, 97′ -99′, Super Silver Haze is a Sativa legend that comes from a very impressive background. Carrying the genetics of Skunk, Northern Lights, and Haze, this Super Sativa is seriously energetic and uplifting, great for those who need to catch a break, chill out, relax, and build up an appetite.


  1. Firstly, I very much appreciate organic strains. I think natural can be a great direction, so that in itself was very much a draw when considering trying this out. Like Captain, I agree that this is a quick onset cerebral head high. I personally love this strain in the morning with a cup of coffee which is why i’d assume it’s popularity in Amsterdam Cafes.

    On a down day, this can very much turn things around and provides a quick break from reality which I think everyone can use once in awhile. For me at least, it’s a very thought provoking strain. Nothing that is so overwhelming that it’ll interrupt my day, much more something to begin it with.

  2. Anything crossed with “Haze” usually ends up tasting amazing, including this Super Silver Haze. By itself, it produces a quick, mildly intense head high, which leaves a little to be desired in terms of pain relief. I did enjoy combining this one with an effective, less flavourful indica, which makes for a delicious joint experience, while getting the relief I so desperately need.

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