The aroma is a sweet citrus from the Haze, which dominates the palate with vanilla and eucalyptus tones

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Originating in Amsterdam, Moby’s high THC content makes it one of the strongest sativas. Winner of ‘Girl of the Year’ by the cannabis newspaper Soft Secrets in 2010, this strain is a cross between indica-dominant hybrid White Widow and sativa Haze; the former is known for its power while the latter for its cerebral stimulation, creating a mostly sativa plant that delivers a charged buzz.


  1. i love moby in general and had the great fortune to actually have two moby strains from other MOM on hand for a perfect comparison. this one burned cleaner, trim job was nice and on par with the other two which i both thought were quality products. but here’s the kicker, one was more expensive, and the other was cheaper but ash was darker. so for the bang for your buck can’t go wrong with this strain at all at the price point. i’d say it’s close to a quad quality and has a great high that i enjoy thoroughly. I find this is great for the morning or early afternoon where you may want to stay alert and productive.

  2. I’m not much of a Stavia lover but this Moby took me by surprise when I took my first blast! Very hazy with a hint of the powerful white breed! It’s a must try even for Indica lovers!

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