Who doesn’t love cheese?

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Known for its sour, cheesy smell and taste, and happy, relaxed stoned, this batch of Cheese will leave you feeling uplifted and euphoric, washing away any pain, stress, or worries throughout the day. Warning: this strain may leave you with a case of the megamunchies, craving some actual cheese.


  1. This organic cheese was straight fire, I really enjoyed this one ALOT. One of the nicest batches I’ve seen in awhile, I think I got the exact buds in the picture and it’s no joke, when you crack the bag open you get that dank cheesy skunk smell! The buds are cured perfectly and are quite potent, a really nice smoke during the day and increases appetite big time without burning you out. I wish I grabbed more of it, hopefully this strain will come around again cause I’ll make sure to stock up on it!

  2. This strain was quite honestly a bit of a surprise, I only got a bit of it and wish i’d bought more. I’ve never tried this particular strain before, but I jump at organic strains.. i’m an ex heavy cigarette smoker, so I very much appreciate a strain that won’t agitate my lungs. With both this and the super silver haze it barely feels like i’m smoking at all.

    Firstly, it’s absurdly obvious why this is called cheese. As previously mentioned I haven’t tried this strain before but.. the smell, just WOW! I could close my eyes and swear i’ve got a bag of sharp cheddar or cheese whiz, i’d encourage people who also haven’t smelled the glory that is cheese to try some just for the smell alone. Now, this strain isn’t gonna hit you like death bubba but still seems potent all things considered. It’s the perfect balanced hybrid, for me at least it doesn’t seem to lean one way or the other too much. Had a hard day? This is what you wanna come home to relax with. The stress just melts away my personal anxiety problems seemed like a distant memory after some of this and yes as per the description MEGAMUNCHIES will ensue.

    Great for appetite, stress and winding down. I really enjoy this for movie night / video games or when wrestling with depression or life issues that can make you anxious. A+ on this one, frankly surprised it’s not a bit more expensive.

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