Premium Bundle Pack

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Grab yourself a taste of HGA’s finest terps.

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Do you have a taste for excellence? A thirst for terps? Are you a connoisseur of cannabis?
If so then you would totally love our Premium Bundle Pack, made for advanced users, and those looking to sample HGA’s finest. Chock full of Quad goodies, a couple concentrates, and materials for blazing and doing so discreetly, this bundle is perfect for anyone with a high tolerance, looking to get bang for their buck with our very best stuff.

What’s In Your Bundle?
1/8 oz Blue Grape Aid #3 (AAAA)
1/8 oz White Shark #2 (AAAA)
1/8 oz Death Aid (AAAA)
1/8 oz Lemon Frost #4 (AAAA)
2g Moroccan Hash
1g 91 Supreme Live Resin (Random)
1 pk Cyclone Natural Hemp Cones (Strawberry Flavor)
2 x Doob Tubes

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