Pink Death (AAAA)


Pink Death is more than your triple threat, it’s #savage.

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New batch as of Jan 5!

A cross between Death Bubba and Pink Kush, Pink Death is seriously no joke. This is one of those one toke kind of buds, where you can feel its potent medicinal effects just abut immediately. Known for its dense, pungent nugs that give off this gassy smell, Pink Death breaks out and is a surefire way to enjoy yourself while enjoying some potent pain relief. Great for all forms of pain relief and relaxation, Pink Death is also great for appetite stimulation and insomnia.

This is a Quad strain (AAAA)
Meaning that this strain scores perfectly in all 4 aspects of quality:

1. Smell (great & strong smell)

2. Texture (of the flowers, sticky, slightly crispy on the outside, cushiony on the inside)

3. Burn (ash is white & homogeneous in texture)

4. Taste (no unpleasant peppery or dirty taste)

For those who really are looking for a strain that delivers above and beyond.



  1. Smooth, sticky thick and large nugs only, tastes and smells great. I only order quads from moms and this is one of the better ones available right now. Grab it while you can, this will sell out quick.

  2. This NEW PINK DEATH I just hah to try out BECAUSE it’s the best HGA has! And it’s now smelly & compacted as well as the THC is a bit higher as well! Shit is the bomb!

  3. I’ve tryed ALL the Pink Death’s! HGA keeps making this better! This is the one of the best strains on here. That’s why I paid $50 For a eighth but it’s so worth it!

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