Pink Aid #2 (AAAA)

Our Pink Just Got Pinker.

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***New Pheno Alert**

We’ve been working with our Pink Aid for a while now; tweaking each grow using the feedback from you all, our loving community, to embody what makes Pink Aid great. This pheno of Pink Aid is super gassy and super sticky, just how you like it. The high is very narcotic and sedative, producing this heavy body stone that melts away pain, and induces instant relaxation. Imagine everybody high off some Pink Aid; we’d enter in a Golden Age of Peace where the Herb is the Cure and Love is the Answer to all our problems.

Effective daytime and nightime medication, however be warned, this is a heavy hitter, and might be best saved for days where you don’t have many plans.

This is a Quad strain (AAAA)

Meaning that this strain scores perfect in all 4 aspects of quality:

1. Smell (great & strong smell)

2. Texture (of the flowers, sticky, slightly crispy on the outside, cushiony on the inside)

3. Burn (ash is white & homogeneous in texture)

4. Taste (no unpleasant peppery or dirty taste)

This is the reason why they are more expensive, since they’re only for those who really are looking for a strain that delivers above and beyond.


  1. Excellent! Very strong, smells amazing, smokes perfectly. This is really helpful for focus and life enjoyment. I didn’t experience any negative effects.

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