House Indica


A rotating selection of house indica strains.

The bags are random! However, the bud is a quality high. You get whatcha get!

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With a quality indica strain, the high leaves you relaxed and social. Great for stress relief, chilling, and for some, couch-lock and sleep.


  1. So good. Small nugs, dusted in crystals. Little leafy on the outside but once removed the buds inside are quality.

  2. Always a treat, great price, good selection. I enjoy these surprise bags and they have always been good quality buds.

  3. Nice house blends! They keep getting better! They must have there own strain of Kush! Such a great deal for people who are on disability who can’t afford those name brands!

  4. The last batch I got was amazing! I think they used they purple pearl they have in stock because I ordered some on my next order and it was identical to the house indica I had ordered. Either way, it was super potent and very well cured!

  5. The current batch is a great deal, I grabbed it (August 29) so I could reach the free shipping mark and I’m actually kind of impressed. Not off-putting by any means, smells alright, bud structure is actually very good for a house strain. Large dense nugs. Great buy when it’s on sale!

  6. I’m glad HGA offers these budget friendly options as they are well worth picking up for the price. Sometimes a bit leafy but it’s always AAA stuff.

  7. This time I got India & hybrid but you can’t put down reviews for Hybrids which is too bad because you get a taste of cross but this time the India was AWESOME! Seems to get better and better as I order!

  8. I’m not too sure what was in the last mystery bag but it sure was good! I add one to nearly every order. I figure if I don’t care for the smoke I can always make a batch of brownies with it.
    So far…., no brownies!! Consistent high quality buds every time I’ve ordered. Great for those times you just can’t decide what strain you want to smoke. Reach in and pick something from the mystery bag…..!!!! 😉

  9. At first I was like ok bottoms… ended up being alright! Good bang for the buck!

  10. Random, but consistent. I’ve only had this twice, but my most recent order was three quarters of an ounce and it was all the same strain I believe. Definitely not comparable to the other strains on site, but absolutely fair for the price. Especially when it’s on sale for $40/quarter. Really great buy when money is a little tight, or when you need an extra item to make discounted/free shipping!

  11. Wasn’t sure at first, but have gotten it a few times now and every time it’s had top notch flowers! Definitely a must add on for every order from now on. Worth checking out.

  12. Very nice bud in indica specials…….now jus seen them for 40/quarter. That’s a steal! I thought 50 was good deal when I bought four. Can’t go wrong…..

    Jerry W

  13. Potent indica flower that is very affordable. Not as strong as aaaa strains but solid aaa covered in trichomes.

  14. Was very skeptical about the whole thing, now it’s in every order when available. Good bang for your buck

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