Grape Kush

Sweet, smooth, and silky.

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Another one of Dj Short’s wonders, the Grape Kush is an Indica dominant hybrid that balances a heavy body stone with a mellow cerebral high. This is a great “get stuff done” type of weed, uncommon for an Indica, but wonderous as so. Tasty and effective!


  1. This is the first bag I tore into when I got back from my road trip. Do not confuse this strain with the Grape Crush that was on here around the end of april, which i found put me to sleep after almost every session, this is a totally different genetic line, with almost the opposite affect. Its got a very pungent earthy-tangy smell that finishes off slightly sweet when it gets deep into your olfactory. The buds are fairly dense, and bust up into large stinky piles. The flavour threw me off a bit, I expected it to taste like it smells but instead you get a tasty, hard to describe mix of all three dominant scents. I like the buzz that comes with this one, it starts off with a strong kick that basically just ends 20 or 30 minutes later leaving very little burn out.

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