Fire OG

They call it Fire for a reason~

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Fire OG is an SFG-OG x OG Kush offspring that boasts a lemony lemon terp that kind of smells like Pinesoil or Lemon Pledge mixed with some gas. Ooooou ;D
Covered in trichs, Fire OG’s dense nugs are sticky and shmelly; they burn clean and produce a narcotic stone that will melt away your troubles. Fire!


  1. Good stuff when I got it on sale. I wouldn’t pay full price, potency and bud size just wasn’t all there, but everything else was. Bring it back at 220 again and I’ll buy it up!

  2. Always respect the Captain….explained everything to a tee, what I was thinking. But the reduced price……technically it should fall in indica special category…….bit disappointed with this one….

  3. I found this on sale & it’s stinky sticky and rappers would say, That’s some FIRE!’ Must have been crossed with NYD & KUSH!

  4. I was initially quite impressed by Fire OG. The smell is a stinky, classic combination of gassy, earthy and skunky that swirl together perfectly deep inside your nose. A closer inspection of the crisp, bone dry buds with a magnifying glass reveal a fine, but consistent, coating of small sparkly crystals. It burns white and goes down exceptionally smooth. The high does leave a bit to be desired. While it is relaxing, it is like two notches shy of being in the amazing category and ends up being somewhere between pretty good and not bad once its had a few minutes to creep up. 3.5/5.

    Note: the reduced price makes it a bit more appealing.

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