Everything Bundle Pack

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A Bit O’ Everthing.

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What more can we say? In this Bundle Pack, you get a bit of Everything. That’s right, from flowers to concentrates, and edibles to topicals, this bundle pack has you covered with a little bit of everything. Soothe your tired muscles with the cannabis massage oil, vape the disposable pen on-the-go, relax with CBD capsules, smoke a pre-roll joint or roll your own with the 4 different flowers (paper included), add some live resin for an extra lift, or eat the coconut bar for a night in. Possibilities are endless with this bundle, as you’re setup for just about anything.

What’s In Your Bundle?

1 x Toko Slim Recyclable Vape Pen (Random)
1 x Nu THC Cannabis Suppository 200mg
1 x Sweet Jane Edibles (Random)
1g 91 Supreme Live Resin (Grandpa Larry OG)
5 x 20mg CBD Capsules (Hemp Flower)
1 pk Pure Hemp Regular Papers
2 x Pre-Rolled Joints
1g Headbanger
1g Bruce Banner
1g Death Aid (AAAA)
1g Red Jamaican

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