Death Bubba #3 (AAAA)


Very potent full indica strain. High in myrcene, the terp most responsible for the couch-lock effect, as well as the earthy, citrus aroma that these dank, gassy and sticky buds produce. Difficult to grind, yet an incredible toke, these flowers are great for chronic pain, insomnia, stress, anxiety, and general relaxation, but all around, straight fire!

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Product Description


A west coast variation of the Bubba Kush. Death Bubba is a pure indica strain with dense, sticky, trichome lathered, tight green buds with dark amber hairs that smell citrusy with a hint of lemon before you break them open, releasing a mild woody smell that reminds you of forest air on a Christmas day. One word: Fire. Great for chronic pain, insomnia, anxiety, stress, and general relaxation.
This is a Quad strain (AAAA)
Meaning that this strain scores perfect in all 4 aspects of quality:

1. Smell (great & strong smell)

2. Texture (of the flowers, sticky, slightly crispy on the outside, cushiony on the inside)

3. Burn (ash is white & homogeneous in texture)

4. Taste (no unpleasant peppery or dirty taste)

Expensive though. Only for those who really are looking for a strain that delivers above and beyond.


  1. Shipping was on point as always!!
    The medicine was wooooooow! Potent, Dank and damnnnnnnnnn good! Death Bubba is not for a light weight smoker…it will knock you straight out and take you to a death like – train wreck state of mind…..great medical values for all us medical users.Keep this in Stock! Definitely will buy again and again and again and again
    Thankssssss HGA!!!!!!!

  2. One of my all time favourites. Bonus points for being one of the strains that actually gets restocked regularly. Very potent flower, pungent, beautiful. Smells very gassy, looks extremely sticky with lots of different hues throughout the bud. A bit expensive but you get what you pay for, at this price point it’s some of the best flower that money can buy.

  3. So sticky, your grinder will hate you. The perfect inspiration for curling into a ball, hibernating and drifting off into a blissful sleep. This strain personally is a night time go to for me, I don’t have a lot of pain related problems but I could also see this as being extremely analgesic. If it’s in stock you get it, as much as HGA does a wonderful job of getting new batches people seem to buy this stuff up quick.. and for good reason.

  4. Bubba Kush strains are the best of the best. I have tried a few different variants and this Death Bubba is definitely one of the better combinations. High THC content, good taste, smells great. Dark crystal covered buds. Some say to smoke this particular strain in the evening but I found it great for daytime use.

  5. This strain is perfect, one of my new favourites, very intense indica high very sticky buds covered in purple and tastes insanely pungent, im going to order some again 🙂 do not smoke this in the morning this is the perfect bedtime strain.

  6. This is some very deadly herb, hence the name. I’ve been around awhile and explored different strains but this is by far one of if not the best herb I’ve smoked. Right from the flick of the lighter it takes u away from the chronic pain while putting a shit eating grin on your face. I thought it was awesome to use during the day, made my work day fly by. Burns oh so slow! Very sticky buds, surprising smooth I thought. I forecast a good pain free work week!!!!

  7. This is my go to for evening use hands down, the buds are super dank smelling like hardcore skunky diesel with a distinct wood smell. The taste is amazing and the high is even better. Takes away any stress I had and replaces it with the munchies and a nice couch locked smile followed by the best sleep ever! This is No joke, careful tho cause it’ll reek up your entire house!

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