Death Aid (AAAA)


Absolute amazing toke with a narcotic, opiate-like, euphoric high. Death Aid will leave you immediately feeling happy, relaxed, and without a care in the world. Keep your wits about you though, this heavy stone can put you to sleep if you so choose to succumb to the blissful potency that these gorgeous nugs pack. Can stimulate an appetite under the right circumstances.

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**New batch as of November 22***

A cross between Death Bubba and Pink Aid, Death Aid is an amazing hybrid with incredible medicinal potency. Best for sleep & relaxation, pain relief  and stress, Death Aid produces a narcotic, opiate like high with euphoric effects.  You can smell the terps off the dense, trichome covered, sticky forest green and emerald coloured nugs with its dark amber and orange hairs. When you break them open you get this intense, pungent pinesoil smell. Death Aid is by all means a heavy hitter, and a must for patients who need a more potent insomnia, pain, anxiety, or stress relieving medicine.

This is a Quad strain (AAAA)
Meaning that this strain scores perfect in all 4 aspects of quality:

1. Smell (great & strong smell)

2. Texture (of the flowers, sticky, slightly crispy on the outside, cushiony on the inside)

3. Burn (ash is white & homogeneous in texture)

4. Taste (no unpleasant peppery or dirty taste)

Only for those who really are looking for a strain that delivers above and beyond.


  1. Broke a rib and disc last week and neede something strong this time. This beauty of a flower worked like a charm and put my mind and body to ease. It also helped me catch up on the hours of sleep I needed. Burned snow white ash and everything you can ask for a Quad is here. Received nice sized nugs too! Thank you for bringing this back HGA!

  2. Wow,Wow,Wow!
    This Death Aid got me I’m a new state of mind & pain free, Buds were cured,trimmed and cared for the best way by HGA.. One of the buds was the size of my thumb and weighed in at 4 Grams! This stuff is Potent, made my grinder all Sticky too 🙂. This will def. Be on my favorites list! Smoke with caution super strong, kicks ya right in the butt ,great for relaxation, chronic pain, nerve damage pain and more…True Medicine right here
    Thanks again HGA!!

  3. damn, one of my favorites now for sure. Death Aid is so potent and so yummy. The buds I got are a mix of big and small buds. The big ones are longer than my entire thumb and the small ones are popcorn sized. Obviously, I started with the disappointing looking popcorn (can’t bear to break the big one apart). I mean I’ve been an HGA supporter for a long time but this IS why HGA is better than every place out there. Lots of quad strains out there do NOT even come close to this Death Aid. Burns perfectly white ash, big dense beautiful sticky buds, tastes yummy and does not have chemical taste, and it’s so potent that it sent me to another dimension!!! Will be copping this before it runs out

  4. You’re right Capt, this is superb herb! Buds came in perfectly cured/trimmed & extremely sticky , the kind that’ll jam your grinder shut if you don’t watch out. Very potent medicine for relaxation, pain and sleep. Smells amazing and burns butter smooth. Opening up a bag, you can tell this is some of the best herb money can buy. 10/10

  5. Well folks, this is about the best you can get. Particularly this batch. The nugs are sticky and insanely resinous. I like to sift my flower to make keif , then to make –> Hash.I find it easier to take my medicine that way. It’s more concentrated and easier on the lungs,

    It was a challenge with this Death Aid as it was like the buds were held together with glue (that’s a good thing). The trim job on the nugs was about the best I’ve seen. Break them open and they’re almost white inside with trichomes . I could stick one on the wall – they have that much resin in them.

    I’ve smoked hundreds of strains in the last 35 years and this is in the top 10, not just for it’s very high potency and smoothness but how well it works for my severe pain and lack of sleep. And the high is a “quality” one for me as I have a super high tolerance. It’s very strong yet zero paranoia. A relaxing high for me but this is honestly not for the uninitiated as it may be way too much compared to what they’ve tried in the past.

    The growers deserve a medal for their expertise. Good luck finding anything better out there!

  6. Alright folks, right off the hop. DISREGARD MY LAST TWO POSTS ON THIS THREAD. I would delete them if I could (feel free to, admin). This batch makes that last batch look like some ditch weed you found one summer out behind the swimming hole when you were a kid. Let’s just pretend it didnt happen, and move on 🙂

    Because I was still slightly cautious, I only grabbed an eighth of this new batch. That eighth consisted of a large bud, about as long as my thumb and twice as thick and I so dense you would chip a tooth if you tried to eat it, and two smaller buds to round out the weight.

    I grabbed my thinnest, slowest burning paper and rolled up a small (for me) doobie just to see how it is. I cant even finish it. After a couple of smooth intoxicating hauls and a slight coughing fit I was blasted and have been the past 45 minutes.

    Philippe, man, get some of this batch, cause THIS is the horse tranquilizer i was talking about!!

  7. I got this as a simple & holy shit it’s way up there with other AAAA like Pink Aid etc!
    You want some of the best here it is! GREAT for bedtime use!

  8. When I tore open my ounce of Death Aid, I was pretty pissed off. The largest bud in the bag is smaller than a loonie, and I felt like I had once again paid top dollar for the bottom of the jar. I decided to roll one up and give it a puff before I chewed anyone out over it, so I took 4 or 5 of the small nuggets and rolled a joint. After the first haul of the thick, earthy sweet tasting smoke hit my lungs, I knew size didnt matter. Every puff gets you that much higher as it the high spreads from head to toe. Just like the other recent reviewer said, dont be fooled, these are tiny ass, super potent nugs. Still, I was a little let down, a heads up on the description would be nice if the whole bag is popcorn, or knock a buck or two per gram off once you get down to the crumbs if that is what happened. Either way, Death Aid popcorn will still get you lit!

    And yes, Philippe, this is indeed the legendary horse tranquilizer.

    [forgive me if this is a duplicate, something odd happened the first time i posted this review and it didnt go through as far as i can tell]

  9. When I tore open the ounce of my Death Aid to split into jars I was almost immediately pissed off. The biggest bud is smaller than a loonie. I felt like I once again paid top dollar for the bottom of the jar. I decided to roll one up using about 5 of the super small buds and at least give it a puff before I chewed someone out over the AAAA bag of popcorn.

    By the time I finished the joint I had forgotten why I was upset! I was super baked, just like I expect from Death Aid. Thick, tasty smoke that is a great combination of sweet, earthy and hint skunk. I came here to see what others were experiencing and the other recent poster said basically the same thing; tiny ass nugs that are crazy potent. I do still feel let down, a heads up on the description would be suffice. If these little beasts are this strong I can imagine what a proper, full sized bud would do.

    It is definitely still in the horse tranquilizer category, tho not especially pretty, it does hit hard!

  10. The oz I received consisted of mostly small-medium sized buds. Don’t be fooled by the looks of these golden nuggets though. They pack an incredible toke even for the so called “seasoned smokers”. Jordan’s description is spot on! Incredibly potent yet very smooth exhale, clean & slow burn with a sweet almost mouthwatering kush taste.
    This stuff’s so potent, it took care of my chronic nerve pain almost immediately and effectively for a fairly long time. The wait was worth it. True medical marijuana here ladies and gents! Hats off to the HGA team!
    I have finally found it: The Captain’s “Horse tranquilizer”.

  11. SO POTENT! HGA quad strains always deliver. This cut of Death Aid isn’t particularly special in terms of looks or smell. Very classic indica here, smells and tastes just like you’d expect. Very reminiscent of some older Death Bubba drops but a bit milder and MUCH nicer grading/trim job than any DB cut. The potency is where it shines though, feels like it builds up over half an hour or so. Very narcotic. You’ll keep wondering when the joint or bowl is gonna be finished.

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