Vancity Confidential #2

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Vancity Confidential #2 is a local L.A Confidential phenotype, which produces frosty, lime green nugs with little amber hairs, creating a subtle geometry among the bud structures. This strain creates a trippy, psychedelic high, flying you through the clouds and landing you back on earth, that you’ll want to experience over and over again, any time of day. With a sweet, earthy toke, and a blissfully balancing buzz, this delicious little kicker is a great remedy for stress, pain, headaches, and depression. Excellent for any time of the day, Vancity Confidential #2 is a smooth, yet powerful little secret, from us to you.


  1. pleasant aroma, nice high, not a bud that really stood out to me, but for the price you really can’t go wrong. a little dry and harsh like mentioned above, but still tasty and a nice smoke overall. would probably try again if i needed some mid range buds to offset some quads price wise. would give it a solid 7.5-8/10, definitely a trip.

  2. I will admit right off the hop that VanCity Confidential #2 isnt quite as nice as its predecessor, but it is still a decent pheno. It’s a little over dried and harsh at first, so it spent a few days in a jar with a Boveda pack. Once some moisture was returned, that harshness was almost gone and released more flavour. The one thing #2 has going for it is the high; very intense and lasts for a good while. I definitely enjoyed the first round of VanCity as I grabbed it a couple times when it was available, but this one is still pretty good.

  3. This bud is worth $10 a g! It reminds me of LA Confidential! You can tell it’s a cross hybrid between that and almost a citrus flovour!
    Had that Diesel skunk smell when you break her open & taste how it smells! GREAT high!

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