Red Congolese (AAAA)


Red Congolese, also known as Red Congo, is an uplifting hybrid that provides a very creative yet focused high.

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*New batch as of 2017-12-12

While some argue that Red Congolese is an African sativa landrace, the variety popularized in California weaves in Mexican and Afghani roots, giving it a more indica-like appearance, and making it an overall hybrid in our books. This colorful palette of landrace strains, which had adapted to their environment over many years, creates a complex profile of effects and flavors. The sativa genetics dominate the physical effects of Red Congolese, resulting in a weightless euphoria that promotes focus and mental clarity. Its energizing properties make Red Congolese perfect for morning treatment of nausea, cachexia, tension, or Alzheimer’s.

This is a Quad strain (AAAA)
Meaning that this strain scores perfect in all 4 aspects of quality:

1. Smell (great & strong smell)

2. Texture (of the flowers, sticky, slightly crispy on the outside, cushiony on the inside)

3. Burn (ash is white & homogeneous in texture)

4. Taste (no unpleasant peppery or dirty taste)

Expensive though. Only for those who really are looking for a strain that delivers above and beyond.


  1. Ordered an ounce of the Red Congolese recently and to be honest I’ve found the previous batches to have been better in terms of burn quality (white ash) and smoothness. Ash is mid-grey to sometimes dark-grey and exhale was a bit harsher than usual. That incredible smell and the potency is there, but maybe it’s my tolerance these days, I just remember the Red Congo hitting harder back then when I ordered it. Contacted HGA about this and they credited me the balance of the sale price ($280-$250 so $30) because it went on sale right after I ordered mine which is really nice of them. When I thought that was the last of my concerns with this batch, I just recently found a seed in one of the RC nugs. This does not qualify as AAAA IMO.

  2. What I love about this strain from HGA is that the quality and consistently are the best out there. I’ve ordered at least 3 oz’s over a year and it’s always been a real treat to open that bag and breathe in that smell. I won’t repeat all the other review comments that it’s tasty, powerful, looks beautiful, has “high quality” long lasting effects, trimmed and cured perfectly every time etc. Yes, it’s all true. Again, another strain HGA has sourced that the growers really deserve a medal for for quality and consistency. You know it’s going to be *really* good every time.

  3. definitely true quad material, such a unique nose and taste to this strain. white ash, clean trim job, no complaints. bought an oz off the hop to try this place out and fell in love. definitely one of my go to sources for the best medicine in Canada. Had red congo elsewhere before this and they just aren’t the same, true red hairs on this one are a beauty to behold. very uplifting and euphoric, great all day smoke.

  4. HGA you bueaty…..!!!! This is the BEST bud i ever tried in sativas. Taste, smell, burn all fantastic. Clean citrusy hit, both mind and body relaxation. You got yourself a forever patner…

    PS: Packaging was amazing in air tight bags. Keeps the buds fresh and tasty.. 😉

  5. This most recent batch of Red congo is straight fire. Very dense, sticky, smells amazing and it’s covered with crystals. Also has a nice purplish hue to it. A nice strong long lasting high

  6. Full on cerebral high, attacks the mind and not the body. Not a foggy high either, very clear minded! After an hour you go into a relaxation, so it does have a come down feeling. This stuff tastes and smells like Parsnips lol…its really different. By far my favorite AAAA strain available. I’ve tried 5+ from here.

  7. This bud looks awesome sitting in a jar. Almost don’t wanna smoke it!!! Grinded a bud up and twisted one up. Very tasty stuff. Nice stone and I was expected to burn out coming off the high but not at all. Definitely getting me some more of this treat! Made it much easier to pay the price for it after I smoked one. Hits the wallet lil hard but worth it. I’d recommend it as it’ll be on my next order!! Quad strains are the bomb!!! Good job HGA! Keep up the selections…….

  8. On-site photos for this is beautiful and certainly accurate. This is one of their signature AAAA strains and you’ll know why as soon as you open the bag. This is one of the best smelling strains I’ve ever had, and I’m not even a big fan of the typical terps/scent of sativas. Super citrusy, smells like 7-Up or a citrus gum. Very dense flower, mine was a little squished unfortunately. Very strong effects, very uplifting and cerebral. Burned very clean, probably the cleanest of all the strains I tried.

  9. This is hands down one of my favorite sativa dominant strains. Smells like straight up 7up and the fp kool-aid packs lol and the high is no joke. This stuff is so potent it makes micro dosing a sure thing. Have this in the morning and I don’t have to re medicate for hours! Worth the 15$ imo

  10. It was definitely a treat to try this strain, very unique insanely pungent, would recommend to any connoisseur, description of this strain fits perfectly, very clear headed high. worth 15$ IMO.

  11. One of the most potent Sativa-dominant strains I’ve tried yet. This one is a creeper that intensifies as you continue puffing. By the time it fully kicks in, you’ll be left with a long-lasting energizing high that gives an effective boost in mental focus leading to creative & productive pursuits. Helped with my sciatica, chronic pain, fatigue, depression, inflammation & psychological symptoms to name a few.

    The smell these buds give off is just out of this world and the flowers are cured to perfection (the photos do justice)! A little goes a long way with this one! In fact, because Red Congolese has been so effective in treating my symptoms, I ordered it three times in a row now since signing up 😉 Smoke less, get higher? Sold. A must-try for Sativa lovers!

    A true Quad in all aspects of the experience.

  12. I am not a huge fan of straight sativas but this one is real nice. The high is very cerebral and clear, with little effect on the body. I have been using this strain for my ADD and it works well as a replacement for stimulants. It has also been great for the gym, I’ve had no paranoia or slowness from this strain.

    The nugs are well frosted and very vivid in colour. It looks nice in the jar and it vapes good too. I would recommend this strain to anyone who wants to keep their wits about them and utilize their high for something more.

  13. When I first saw the red congo but shots on this site I thought for sure they were an exaggeration of how they looked, but when I got my first eighth I opened up the bag and the nugs appeared even more impressive in person. Imo the exotic look alone is enough to buy, the smell is exceptional.. even after having the stuff hang around for awhile the musky citrus was just so strong.

    Really cerebral stuff as well, pretty powerful medication i’d recommend this for anyone dealing with depression looking for something a little different. I was initially hesitant about the price but it was so strong it actually lasted a lot longer than the other strains I bought. It’s a pretty out there stuff and i’ll get some everytime it’s available honestly.

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