Pineapple Shark (AAAA)

Whodat Shark?

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A cross between Pineapple Express and White Shark, the Pineapple Shark is the new shark on the block with tasty ass terps. Sporting a more robust nug structure with a berry fruity scent, this super hybrid is a potent 5050 blend that produces a heavy body high with a euphoric sensation that will leave you giddy and your eyes low. Total relaxer with great ups, good to unwind or start the day while also being potent enough to be stoned whilst interacting with the day’s activities.


  1. Pineapple Express is one of those famous strains and Pineapple Shark is definitely not a disappointment. High end strain with super smooth smoke and fruity scent. Although it’s supposed to be a hybrid strain, I find it to be more like sativa. It is so smooth and it would hit you out of nowhere and get you super high in the head. 7.5/10

  2. One of the best sale products HGA has had in awhile! Definitely falls short compared to the other quads, but at the sale price it is an absolute steal. Very tropical/flowery smelling strain, reminds me of a fruit salad. VERY similar to the White Shark, a little less potent but besides that it is a great substitute or alternative. Wonderful bud structure and trim job, bag appeal is fantastic here.

  3. This is one of the better strains i’ve purchased from HGA. An extremely clean smoke. The taste was great. Nice dense buds perfectly cured. This is def one I will keep ordering.

  4. The berry smell with the white shark wine gum backing is just outstanding! I only got a bit of this to try out and now i’m that guy, my personal preference is this over lemon nukem and thats saying a lot because that is also ridiculously good.

    My only complaint with this strain is that I don’t have more, from it’s genetics it’s like megalodon. It’s smooth and relaxing while still giving you that white shark feel good vibe, it’s so potent I barely finish a whole joint honestly. Makes me curious what else crosses good with white shark… This is a must try.

  5. White Shark is my favorite high end sativa to date. I figured mixing it with another well known strain such as Pineapple Express would make for an amazing hybrid. The bag consists of super tight, crystal covered buds that look very similar to White Shark, just a slightly darker tint. It also has white sharks almost wine-like scent, with an extra added pleasant sweetness. It goes down smooth and tastes great too. But, for all those positive points, it missed the most important mark to me: the stone. While white shark provides a very intense and almost instant head stone that fades quickly, Pineapple Shark barely gives me a tingle. There is a slight feeling of relaxation afterwards, but not enough to justify a AAAA rating (or the cost associated with that rating). 3.5/5

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