Orange Jello

Bringing a whole new meaning to OJ.

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A fruity scent, followed by an even mind and body buzz that flows from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. For relaxation without overwhelming drowsiness; this strain packs a nice cerebral punch along with its warm melt.


  1. A decent bag with averaged sized buds with a distinct tangy-citrusy scent combo. The semi-solid nugs are coated in a nice layer of crystals and they bust up into unexpectedly large piles. Only downside to this bag is I am having trouble keeping it lit. The ash is a mix of black and white, it gets super gooey at the roach. I busted out some free burning papers (usually i do slow burn papers) and that did help a bit, but it still kept wanting to go out. I do enjoy the stone with this one. Very relaxing, not too intense, but very enjoyable.

  2. Andrew beat me to it haha, definitely reminds me of a orange creamsicle, my buds had a good bit of purple on them covered in crystals and tastes amazing in a vaporizer. Great bud for price.

  3. Delicious frosty caked in Crystal little buds, the one bud I got was crazy purple and smelt like orange Creamsicle. Very nice mellow high, helps bring down anxiety for me. For the price this strain is awesome and I’d definitely buy this again!

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