CBD Dutch

The Dutch do it best.

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With its sweet, fruity aroma, CBD Dutch is a high CBD strain which combines an amazing flavour with added medicinal properties and a less potent high. An excellent choice for anyone looking to get the most healing benefits from their medicine without the same overwhelming high, a toke of this is like sending a warm wave of calm throughout your body. CBD provides great relief from pain, stress, depression, and even social anxiety.



  1. Real medicine right here! Smooth burn, like Captain noted, a bit on the tangy side. Grind it up, mix it with a bud of choice and enjoy the best of both worlds: THC & CBD. Very good for inflammation, stress/anxiety, insomnia or if you are searching for something that will calm you down and keep you functional.

  2. Oh man, what a pleasure this strain is. I agree with the captain here, the flavor profile / smell is just excellent. I very much like that there is only a small high, I enjoy this for when I need to be functional or engage with people. I’m very sensitive to thc sometimes when i’m in social circumstance because of my anxiety, this seems to provide relief and for that i’m very excited about.

    I hope HGA continues to include CBD options like this, I will continue my journey with cbd and I recommend this to someone who wants to try it out a flower option.

  3. CBD lovers rejoice! This is probably the first CBD strain that I have gotten were I thought to myself, “it is a shame there isnt a bunch of THC in this bud”.
    It is a thick, hairy, bud with a delicious tangy, yet slightly sweet scent to it. When it smokes you mostly get that tangy flavour. The stone, obviously, is very faint, almost a slight tickle. But what it lacks in high, it makes up for with its calming effects. I dont order CBD strains because I crave the THC component. The gang tossed an eighth of this strain in with my last order and if I was a CBD only kind of smoker, this would be my #1 strain.

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