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Medical cannabinoids extracted with grape-seed oil.

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Medical cannabinoids extracted with grape-seed oil.


  1. I must have got this 5x at first but had so many problems we gave up on them! If I want something like that I’ll buy edibles!

  2. These are better send so prescription kind and a lot less money! Only thing is that they leak sometimes!

  3. the convenience is key here! one or two gives me a nice little boost. great if you want a low key control stone or want to prolong what you already have going. can be a little slippery in the package so be careful. out of all the pills i’ve had, these are the most tasteless

  4. I’ve takin this before only thing is its missing the CBD etc. Still good for those who can’t smoke!

  5. I use a variety edibles every day. I was given broken body so the creator balanced that with little to no tolerance build up. I

    I’ve never really used these as a primary resort to get high. I take one and it chills me out and makes bud more effective. I like to keep at least 20 of these in my medicine chest. If you open them they actually taste good too.

    Fun fact: If you take them on an empty stomach, like myself, when you burp, you will smell like a plant 😉

  6. Good stuff for the price. I was planning on taking all four but unfortunately one got squished and leaked all over the packaging during shipping. I mentioned this to HGA staff and they said they’ll make sure they’re packaged better going forward. 3 still gave a nice light buzz, good for sleeping.

  7. I find myself to have a very high tolerance to edibles, I took all 4 at once and had quite a strong stone for roughly 2-2.5 hours. I wouldn’t hesitate to throw onto an order in the future.

  8. Honestly at first was a little skeptical at first cause of price, let me tell you though the first time i bought them and took them i got couch lock for 3 hrs. Granted i took all 4 but the quality is unbelievable for the price. Definitely a must have.

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