Happy Face Brand Disposable Vape Pens

Feel your happy face start.

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Medicating in public got you paranoid? Done juggling with flowers, concentrates, and all the the tools or skills needed to get them going? If so then this is for you. Bringing you all the discreetness of medicating indoors, outdoors, with a sleek, cigarette like design, that fits in just about any pocket for medication on the go. These super critical THC vape pens draw smooth and get up to and over 100 pulls that will save you both time and peace of mind.

650mg 40% THC

Bluecheese – Indica Hybrid



  1. So far I have tried 2 Happy Face pens, the Gorilla Glue and Grand D Purple. The pens them selves are well made for a disposable. The GG pen is smaller and has a visible tank and the Grand D Purple is longer and no tank is visible other the slit they put in to see how much is left.

    The GG pen has a real oil/shatter taste to it and makes small potent puffs, where as the Grand D Purple pen has a unique (not even sure how to describe it) flavour and produces larger puffs/clouds.

    Both pens take me between 5 and 10 puffs to catch a decent buzz. The smell disapates almost instantly, making them great for public consumption.

    If you are curious about this type of vaping, but dont want to drop a bunch of cash on a refillable/rechargeable setup I recommend one of these to see if you like it.

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