EDT Cartridge


THC on the go.
Battery and charger sold separately.

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EDT, powered by the 2016 Karma Cup winning partnership of Gen X & Trinity Terpenes, is proud to welcome you to the future of vaping cannabinoids and cannabis. EDT’s vape cartridge is second to none, delivering 100% refined THC  distillate that has no PG, VG, or any other non-cannabis traits . This distillate is infused with the highest end, strain-specific terpenes, that are solely derived from cannabis and cannabis only!
This pen boasts a distillate of above 94 % THC, and only cannabis-derived, strain-specific Terpenes.

There is no denying that this pen is unlike anything on the market. 1g each

Give it a try and see why it won the 2016 Karma Cup for best Vape Cartridge!

* Free of solvents, emulsifiers, mold, plant matter and any other contaminants


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