EDT Cartridge


THC on the go.
Battery and charger sold separately.

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EDT, powered by the Karma Cup winning partnership of Gen X & Trinity Terpenes, is proud to welcome you to the future of vaping cannabinoids and cannabis. Our vape cartridge technology is second to none, delivering our 100% refined THC distillate that has no PG or VG, or any other non cannabis traits. This is then infused with the highest end terpenes that are solely derived from cannabis and cannabis only.
It is this Elite Distillate and Terpine mix that delivers what is a fairly new term known as “the entourage effect”. The entourage effect is the unique experience when a person vapes a terpene and THC mix, and this effect is unique to them and will vary from person to person and change based on different EDT terpene profiles.


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