Disco Kush Shatter

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Per 1 gram. This shatter is a combination of three kushes: master, bubba, and platinum, creating this fire blend of kushy goodness. Very flavourful and potent, don’t sleep on this shatter because of the pricetag… GET IT WHILE ITS HOT! #discoinferno

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A blend of some the best kushes in circulation;, Master, Platinum, and Bubba, this Disco Kush Shatter is a smorgasbord of terps and potency. A little dark to the normal eye, shine some light on this shatter and watch it glow a shade of gold.


  1. I get this EVERY time I order! And like it’s like a gift, you never know how it’s gonna turn out! However it’s ALWAYS good!

  2. For the money, can’t go wrong with this shatter. It hit me quite hard after I’ve taken a 6 week break from cannabis and it seems a little goes a long way. Just what I need to get a good nights sleep! Will probably grab a bit more of this in the very near future.

  3. Excellent deal! Has a nice taste and is quite strong. Lasts me a while and will make you sleep big time.

  4. great bang for your buck at 25 bucks. good for before bed tokes but not really to smooth and will leave you coughing.

  5. Just OK. I don’t real like it anymore. Was fine the first few times. Then I started experiencing better quality shatters and this one isn’t even really worth the $25. Lot better options out there.

    This is fine, the disco kush. Just wouldn’t ever be my first choice

  6. Like most of the us who’ve reviewed this one, I would say that the Disco Kush shatter is good value for the price. To me it seems approximately equal to good-quality street shatter – not a top of the line dab but a few extra hits *will* get you there.

    The flavour isn’t to my taste. Not objectionable, and it’s heavy enough that if you do like it you’ll like it a lot. I did notice an inorganic aftertaste, again not the end of the world but you might want to have a tasty hit or a good drink nearby to flush that if you notice it.

    On the sticky side, possibly more pull-n-snap than shatter. Freezing covers that.

    Overall a worthwhile buy if you want shatter on a budget. I’m a bit on the fence as to value for someone with as high a tolerance than mine – having to take three times as many hits is the same as paying three times the price. That said, if you have a reasonable tolerance and it hits well enough without having to go back a few times… Buy it.

  7. Talk about bang for your buck! At $25 a gram you can’t go wrong with this one. Every time I purchase this is in my cart. Smoke it daily to help alleviate chronic pain, alternating with other concentrates. But this one is definitely a regular staple because of the price & it still packs a punch.

  8. It’s a street shatter. First a good price. It’s not a one hitter quitter but does the job well for the price!

  9. I use this shatter daily to help manage chronic RA / fibro pains and in higher doses to help with sleep. Absolutely love the strong kush flavours and potency of this product. Great pain killing properties for an affordable price. It’s a ‘must have’ in all of my orders.

  10. A little dark but in the light its a nice amber color. Nice potency, taste, and price. I would buy it again.

  11. Strong Indica leaning. Taste is a wide range of kush, not as sticky as I thought it would be. Good overall, can’t go wrong.

  12. This product is fantastic and at an even better price point. Every day people can afford to properly medicate with items like this.

  13. I havge bought multiple grams now and I am very impressed for the price, of course its not going to be golden and clear but 25$ doesn’t make that matter in my opinion. high is very strong and great kush taste!

  14. I’ve ordered some disco kush on 3 different period. It tasted different every time, and in the same order I could have 2 grams tasting different. It was better when you first released the product. Stability depends also, but it got better. You get what you pay for, and it’s still great considering you pay 20$ or 25$ a gram.

  15. Super super sticky be warned. If you don’t like like a glue throw it in the freezer.

    Great product for the price

  16. Tastes almost like ricola. I like this strain a lot. it tastes great and packs a good punch. Best priced shatter for quality ratio.

  17. I make ejuice from this stuff. Certainly does the trick at a great price! SUPER sticky though. Gotta freeze it before handling.

  18. Im not big into the shatter scene but for $20 a gram, this is a good grab. Its got a decent flavour that you would expect from the kushes it was made from. It is fairly potent and it goes a long way. A connoisseur of shatter might say differently, but I liked it for its price.

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