Wizard Weed Machine Made 50% Keif



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Keif 50%:

quick tumbled from the wizards sugar trim this machine made keif makes a great addition to any joint or as a quick bong rip! 45-55% thc content

Reviews (11)


  1. genterwalker (verified owner)

    Loved it for topping off a bowl give it a extra potent kick.

  2. robotstone55 (verified owner)

    Use for adding to my joints and wow it really adds a degree to the high. Wish it were stronger but on sale for the price it was still a good buy. Nice light kief!

  3. mikeps692 (verified owner)

    great addition to a joint. tastes amazing

  4. jk (verified owner)

    I liked it, strong and a good addition to a joint.

  5. everydaylovin (verified owner)

    Nice Kief here. Very blonde colour. I like this to top my bowls or to spread over oil on a paper for the ultimate joint.
    Great addition to your order.

  6. benbickrs (verified owner)

    Love topping bowls with this! Great price too

  7. bowmankw (verified owner)

    Incredible stuff. Very clean sift, barely any plant matter, very sticky. Pungent smell, very clean taste. Potent to boot, a little bit sprinkled on a bowl had me feeling like I just smoked 10 bowls.

  8. komora.pioggia (verified owner)

    Very potent and for the price it is killer!
    It is perfect in a bowl for me, had a few lower quality buds that needed a kick and they got a roundhouse kick!
    Already ordered more.

  9. J Jerome (verified owner)

    This stuff is excellent. I’ve been topping bong loads and both the flavour and high are amazing. Highly recommend!

  10. rick (verified owner)

    I love putting this in a oil paper with good weed then sparkle some of this in it and you got a very potent joint. Already bought 7 grams of it again!!

  11. s.churchill (verified owner)

    I liked it fresh light and a good taste for topping bowls

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