Viridesco VVV Ceramic Vapes Seawarp Honey Oil THC – 0.5mL/1mL ***30% OFF INTRO SALE***

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Polished ceramic tanks deliver the purest flavour experience as the terpenes are stored inside an inert container! Taste the difference from metalic carts…


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VVV Ceramic Vapes Seawarp Honey Oil 

This honey oil is made from SeaWarp that was grown in The Kootenay region of Beautiful British Columbia!  

SeaWarp is a perfectly balanced hybrid bred in BC.  It has a sweet flavor and aroma with herbal pine-like tones.  It starts with a euphoric, cerebral and mentally uplifting head buzz that’s eventually paired with a calming body stone that eases all your nerves.

This high-end vaping oil has been independently tested at MB labs to contain over 82.70% Cannabinoids!  This includes 78.60% THC!  

 This product has been determined to be a 50/50 hybrid, with more information at this resource:

Currently offered in the most durable ceramic tank available, fitting a 510-thread (the most common battery type). In 0.5mL, and 1mL sizes, 

These durable, polished ceramic tanks deliver the purest flavour experience as the terpenes are stored inside an inert container! 


Cannabinoid Facts%Valuemg/ .5mL
Delta-9 THC78.60393
Delta-9 THCV Acid0.322



Cannabinoid Facts%Valuemg/ 1mL
Delta-9 THC78.60786
Delta-9 THCV Acid0.323


Reviews (5)


  1. ld_maguire (verified owner)

    I liked this cart. Viridesco never disappoints

  2. budd (verified owner)

    At first I wasn’t so sure about this cart. The strain is “Sea Warp” and I’m used to that being low grade flower. But nope! This stuff is true to the label. Very potent hits, decent flavour too. The flavour kind of reminds me of old school oil from way way back in the day lol. I wouldn’t sleep on these if you’re weary of the strain, it’s a slapper in the cart for sure.

  3. whiterunguardcaptain (verified owner)

    Perfect cart in my book. Potent, and tasty.

  4. joshcanno (verified owner)

    I’ve been using this cart for a few days and honestly been loving it. Great full spectrum flavour and no issues with the ceramic cart. This thing hits like a truck if you take too many pulls. I can see myself grabbing one of these on every order I put in, especially for the sale price of $27 for a .5 cart which is a crazy good price. Thanks

  5. boredyetca (verified owner)

    Pretty good pen, I’d still go for the Milky Way or Kloud9 distillates over this because of the more varied strain selection but that’s the only downside to this cartridge.

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