Viridesco VV – BHO Winterized Vaping Oil – Blue Rhino 2mL / 5mL

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Blue Rhino Winterized BHO 2ml – Delta-9 THC-A 1524mg



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BHO is one of the three main product categories from Viridesco.


Butane Hash Oil (BHO) is a cannabis oil extracted using butane as an organic solvent.  After the extraction process, the oil is winterized (freezing at a cold temperature for 72 hours) so that the cannabinoid and terpene profiles remain in the final product.  Other plant oils are left behind by winterization, making it more desirable for vaping and smoking.


BHO can have a variety of consistencies, giving it many names including shatter, budder, wax, crumble, and more.  Viridesco uses BHO to refer to a winterized oil that can be dispensed as a thick liquid.  It can be dark or transparent.  BHO is the most common oil used for dabbing.


The extraction process for BHO has well-known hazards, so it is essential that BHO is made is a safe and ventilated facility by experienced professionals.  In Canada, we now have an extensive network of BHO producers who can provide top quality oil.


The active ingredient in BHO is the cannabinoid Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), though other cannaboinids, terpenes, and other plant oils contribute to its effects as well.  Viridesco offers BHO containing at least 70% THC, though in most cases the concentration can be 80% or higher.


Our BHO is extracted from single strains of cannabis grown in beautiful British Columbia.  Each offering differs slightly in flavour and potency, depending on the source crop.

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Hybrid, Indica Dominant

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