VIRIDESCO V+ Special Agent Cherry Oil 2mL /5mL***Blowout 30% off***


This cherry oil has been independently tested at MB labs and contain a high quality of full spectrum cannabinoids!

Strain Type: Hybrid (60% Sativa)

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V+ Special Agent Cherry Oil


This oil is made from U.K. Cheese and Agent Orange flowers grown on Vancouver Island, in beautiful British Columbia!

U.K. Cheese is a hybrid strain that originated with British breeders Exodus. This strain is notoriously pungent – it gives off a powerfully tangy and slightly sweet odor, like aged blue cheese. This strain is a great way to spice up otherwise mundane chores or errands. In social settings, it can also pave the way for stimulating conversations with like-minded friends.

Agent Orange is a Sativa-dominant hybrid known for its orange, spicy taste. The cerebral effects of this strain have been called “almost trippy”. This is a great strain for getting out and getting things done as the “trippy-ness” wears off in approximately 20-40 minutes after its onset.

This cherry oil has been independently tested at MB labs to contain over 67.18% cannabinoids, including 61.00% THC!

We have determined that this product is 60% sativa from these resources:


Rank Canabinols %Value
1 Delta-9 THC 61.00
2 CannaBiChromene 2.10
3 CannaBiGerol 1.97
4 CannaBiNol 0.88
5 CannaBiDiol 0.53


It is currently offered in these formats:

2mL in a Polypropylene ‘Eos’ dispenser with Green thread and Green lid

5mL in a Polypropylene ‘Eos’ dispenser with Green thread and Green lid

Strain Type

Hybrid, Sativa Dominant


  1. ww123f6 (verified owner)

    I use viridesco oil as edible
    High quality, reliable and clean
    Read carefully about variants and effects so you make a right
    I would recommend and use this oil again

  2. everydaylovin (verified owner)

    Nice oil for daytime edible. Not as potent as some pf viridesco other oils but prefect for daytime.
    Also love the flavor of this cherry oil

  3. MC (verified owner)

    I used this as an edible. Not as potent as I had hoped for. I was using about 400 mg to get the effects I get from 150 mg of honey oil normally. It was on sale so I feel I got a good value. It tasted good and the syringe itself was very handy and easy to use. I just like my oils to be a bit stronger is all. Great product all around tho and for someone without a high tolerance, as I have, this would probably be perfect or possibly even overwhelming for some.

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