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Viridesco RSO Phoenix Tears – Multiple Strains

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Our RSO is extracted from single strains of cannabis grown in beautiful British Columbia. Each offering differs slightly in flavour and potency, depending on the source crop.



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Our RSO is extracted from single strains of cannabis grown in beautiful British Columbia. Each offering differs slightly in flavour and potency, depending on the source crop.
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Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) is also commonly referred to as:

  • Phoenix Tears
  • FECO (Full Extract Cannabis Oil)
  • FPE (Full Plant Extract)

It includes plant oils, fats and lipids as well as cannabinoids and terpenes that are beneficial in synergy. Therefore, RSO is most beneficial as an edible product, held under the tongue for sublingual absorption. Rick Simpson is a Canadian who used cannabis oil to treat his own issues. He popularized a movement that is sweeping the globe!

The best oils are made by experienced professionals. In B.C., we now have an extensive network of oil manufacturers who can produce top quality RSO. The active ingredient in RSO is the cannabinoid Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), though other cannaboinids, terpenes, and other plant oils contribute to beneficial synergy. Viridesco offers RSO containing at least 60% THC, though in rare cases the concentration can be 70% or higher!

Our RSO is extracted from single strains of cannabis grown in beautiful British Columbia. Each offering differs slightly in flavour and potency, depending on the source crop.

Click Here for Further Viridesco Info: How To Use and Dosage Information

Strains info

  • Hailey's Comet RSO (High CBD) 2ml: 330mg THC / 670 mg CBD,
  • Hailey's Comet RSO (High CBD) 5ml: 825mg THC / 1675 mg CBD
  • Hailey's Comet RSO (Premium High CBD) 2ml: 370mg THC / 902mg CBD,
  • Hailey's Comet RSO (Premium High CBD) 5ml: 925mg THC / 2005 mg CBD,
  • Mekong 4:1, 5ml, 2630mg THC / 565mg CBD
  • Pink / Rockstar Kush RSO 2ml: 1516mg THC,
  • Pink / Rockstar Kush RSO 5ml: 3790mg THC
  • Pink Gorilla Punch 5ml: 3495mg THC
  • Romulan RSO 2ml: 1516mg THC,
  • Romulan RSO 5ml: 3520mg THC
  • Gorilla Glue #4 / Papaya Punch RSO 2ml: 1388mg THC
  • Gorilla Glue #4 / Papaya Punch RSO 5ml: 3470mg THC
For Seawarp RSO, please order here:


Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia, Appetite, Stress/PTSD

Reviews (22)


  1. ninjas (verified owner)

    Very potent stuff, amazing after a day of lectures, I take about 3 notches worth and that gets me nice and baked for 3+ hours

  2. gilmore (verified owner)

    Love it! This is one of my fav’s!!!!

  3. folkersonric (verified owner)

    Not really happy at all. I got the pink kush and Hailey’s Comet premium and I dosed at 200+THC with the pink kush and hardly got any couch lock effect let alone high. Idk why but the Hailey’s Comet smelled like fish oil….. I make firecracker edibles with decarbed flower for years and they hit way harder than the pink kush RSO.

  4. Maspider (verified owner)

    Some sativa oils can make me rather anxious (found I have to be careful with the Red Congo), but the Mekong 4:1 blend allows enjoying bright and uplifting sativa effects without paranoia, while at the same time giving some warmth to a mild body stone that was unexpected, either through the strain itself or the inclusion of a good amount of CBD that comes along with. Seems like a great oil suited for daytime medicating needs. Very, very pleasant!

  5. Maspider (verified owner)

    Are the rest of you just gobbling these up and not talking about it, hoping to keep it all to yourselves? I was torn myself at one time, but Viridesco is such quality it is hard not to espouse how fantastic their oils are. The Pink Gorilla Punch RSO is physically medicating but not so encumbering to keep you down and out, for me I found it had really pleasant, euphoric effects to go along with a nice body stone. Similar to the excellent honey oil of the same name, at much less cost, it is a treat to the senses. The Pink Kush oil on the other hand, that’s a guaranteed KO. Really heavy body-centric effects but still some gentle mood elevation, though overall almost narcotic in effect, fantastic medicine.

  6. Matthew (verified owner)

    Enjoying the new batch of Romulan, love that Viridesco has it as a staple, seems to get better by the batch. Now if we could just get more Kush strains as regulars!

  7. Matthew (verified owner)

    GG#4/Papaya Punch was a heavy hitting component of the powerful honey oil recently from Viridesco, and this RSO so far feels to be no different as far as an edible option goes. Love the strain specific oils, and now these hybrid oils! Love the pefected Romulan type strains we see often, but would really enjoy seeing more variety like this!

  8. rayhan774

    RSOs is most effective as an edible product, held under the tongue for maximum absorption.

  9. dale_d (verified owner)

    I had the Hailey’s Comet Premium 5ml and as a cancer patient it did the trick with the side effects of chemo. I have not had pain in days and never ask the nurse for pain medication…will order again.

  10. julien (verified owner)

    I tryed white russian and the Pink/rockstar. At first i tryed them orally with little to no feeling(high tolerance). So then i smoked it on top of a bowl of flower. Both got me really stoned loved it. The pinkrockstar was more potent I found.

  11. Matthew (verified owner)

    White Russian x Black DOG was pretty swell stuff. Seemed either stronger than the label or more indica leaning than expected. Viridesco makes amazing RSO and this was one of their finer edible efforts

  12. Matthew (verified owner)

    Romulan provides solid indica effects without being overly sleepy, and yet mildly cerebral as well. Interesting product, good medicine!

  13. Matthew (verified owner)

    Pink Kush x RockStar was fantastic medicine. Cures whatever ails you, for me helped greatly with nerve pain and GI issues, and sleep!

  14. Matthew (verified owner)

    Citrus Sap was thick indeed. Uplifting, energizing effects, too much caused anxiety. Great product as always from Viridesco, would like to see more hybrids one day!

  15. treadmillfix (verified owner)

    Wish more complete product info was given, i purchased Hailey’s comet thinking it was indica based, when package arrived it says 60% sativa and had the green serpent indicating it is a hybrid oil, not blue as i was led to believe based on the web page description & reviews….

  16. moteeman (verified owner)

    Haileys comet, smooth and good for pain relief, has a real
    Spicy taste to it I found, but very effective and natural tasting

  17. Matthew M (verified owner)

    Charlotte’s Webb is another nice blend for days where I expect to come off any tolerance breaks and not get overwhelmed, or am seeking gentler relief. While I prefer high THC RSO for my symptoms, I still like to have CBD in the mix and it is really cool to have a 1:1 RSO option ready to go on my shelf without me having to premix anything.

  18. Matthew M (verified owner)

    Halley’s Comet isn’t quite going to take you through the stars, but for me it helps with pain, inflammation, and gastrointestinal issues nicely while also abating my anxiety levels significantly. Overall maybe slightly subtle in effect, but nice for days where you need some relief but still want to be able to carry about your regular daily activities and not have any medicated state show, if that is a thing for you. A really nice alternative option to have in my medicine cabinet.

  19. Matthew M (verified owner)

    Nice to have a not fully Sativa dominant RSO option from Viridesco for those of us who want mood elevation to go along with daytime physical relief without excessive anxiety that some sativas can cause. Impending winter blues, be gone!

  20. gogoran7 (verified owner)

    Super strong! It hits you like an edible. Very good for controlled dosage, can just put under tongue and swallow after a bit or comebine with something (like a tablespoon of Nutella 🙂
    Oil inside is pretty fluid and easy to get out. Strong indica will help you sleep. Takes a while to hit you and varies 30-90 minutes. Wish it tasted better but amazing product

  21. Nick (verified owner)

    I found this a very good product and reasonably priced for the quality you’re getting. It sure does lean towards the Indica side of effects. That being said the effects seemed “full spectrum” rather than somewhat “single channeled”. While distillates have higher THC, in my humble opinion it often feels like something is missing with them, not like the effects I’d get and often not a full buzz like I’d get from smoking a J or using this oil.

  22. Judith P. (verified owner)

    This product is everything it describes and more! Both pain and and anxiety control are the best I’ve experienced. I wouldn’t recommend this for use during daily activities such as work or driving. It’s cerebral effects are wonderful! Highly recommended!

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