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Viridesco Organic FPE Hemp Flower Oil-CBD

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314mg of CBD per 2mL FPE cartridge. (15%) 785mg of CBD per 5mL FPE cartridge.  (15%) or 580mg of CBD per 2mL FPE cartridge  (29%) 1450mg of CBD per 5mL FPE cartridge  (29%) or 804mg of CBD per 2mL FPE cartridge. (40%) 2010mg of CBD per 5mL FPE cartridge. (40%)
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Your choice of:
Full Spectrum CBD made from Organic Hemp Flower @ 15.7% CBD
Full Spectrum CBD made from Organic Hemp Flower @ 29% CBD
Full Spectrum CBD made from Organic Hemp Flower @ 40.2% CBD

314mg of CBD per 2mL FPE cartridge  (15.7%)
785mg of CBD per 5mL FPE cartridge  (15.7%)
580mg of CBD per 2mL FPE cartridge  (29%)
1450mg of CBD per 5mL FPE cartridge  (29%)
804mg of CBD per 2mL cartridge  (40.2%)
2010mg of CBD per 5mL cartridge  (40.2%)

Great for topical and oral/edible needs. Can also be given to dogs, cats or your other pets!

“CBD is known to be an antiemetic, an anticonvulsant, an antipsychotic, an anti-inflammatory agent, an antioxidant, an anti-tumoral, and an anti-depressant. CBD is known to be neuroprotective, reduces blood sugar levels, increases immune function, promotes bone growth, and even acts as a vasorelaxant.  All of these properties provide for some surprising but excellent uses.”

Click Here for Further Viridesco Info: How To Use and Dosage Information


Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia, Relaxation, Stress/PTSD, Pain Relief, Inflammation

Reviews (5)


  1. gilmore

    Works great I bought the 2ml and we use it with a full THC viridesco product and both are great.

  2. Matthew

    The 29% and 40% options just make more sense if you use the product more often, but can be harder to measure out smaller doses if you use them regularly (ie. more concentrated the oil the more challenge it can be to measure very small amounts accurately using the gradients on the syringe). Potent full spectrum CBD however, that still carries the earthen smell/taste than has put off others but you get used to it (it’s yo medicine). Cannot wait to try the C02 and Distillate options from Viridesco!

  3. Matthew

    Fantastic anxiolytic first and foremost, but also seems to have more anti inflammatory properties than other CBD brand products I’ve tried (more full spectrum perhaps, Viridesco making high quality every time no doubt). The 15% is a good buy but it has a very earthen smell and taste, more than usual for these Hemp oils, but still rock solid medicine

  4. shawn (verified owner)

    Good for anxiety and stress, I bought this to mainly vape but found that it was a bit thick so had to warm it up a bit. Ending up just taking it orally under the tongue.

  5. Matthew M

    Great product for anxiety. I get much better effects from this type of product as compared to any other comparable full spectrum CBD product and for sure any CBD isolate items as well. Also really nice for when you want to add to something sativa based and really racy like the Viridesco Red Congo RSO to make it more agreeable, I find.

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