VIRIDESCO CBD:THC 1:1 Ceramic Vape


We highly recommend that you purchase the Viridesco Elegant White Battery and charger. Try the pre-heat function!

.5ml ceramic cart


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This vaping concentrate is blended in our lab from the most potent distillates high in THC and CBD.  

Distillate is made by removing all undesirable parts of the cannabis plant, leaving the cannabinoids we like as a transparent golden oil perfect for pure unadulterated vaping!

This high-end vaping oil has been independently tested at MB labs to contain over 80.3% Cannabinoids!  This includes 37.0% THC and 37.3% CBD!

Sizes available: 0.5mL and 1mL

Tank: durable polished ceramic, fitting a 510-thread (the most common battery type).

Our tanks are made of impervious white ceramic to preserves terpenes and deliver the purest flavour experience!


  1. robotstone55 (verified owner)

    Easiest to use of the Viridesco carts due to the use of Distillate, the 1:1 cartridges are a nice relaxing high that I can sleep on. Taste is okay nothing too special but the actual experience was enjoyable! Same type of cartridge and packaging as all viridesco cartridges.

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