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This cherry oil has been independently tested at MB labs and contain a high quality of full spectrum cannabinoids!


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V+ Pink Spy Cherry Oil

This oil is made from six strains of cannabis flowers grown on Vancouver Island, in beautiful British Columbia!

U.K. Cheese is a hybrid strain with a notoriously tangy and slightly sweet odor.

Agent Orange is a Sativa-dominant hybrid known for its orange, spicy taste.

Original Glue (GG4) is a Sativa-dominant hybrid with sweet and earthy aroma.

Black Cherry Limeade is a hybrid that tastes like a dream, with aromas of lime and cherry.

Papaya Punch is an Indica-dominant hybrid with a great berry and tropical flavor.

Pink Kush is an indica-dominant hybrid with a flavor and odor of vanilla, sweet berries, and floral notes.

This cherry oil has been independently tested at MB labs to contain over 70.56% cannabinoids, including 65.28% THC! We have estimated that this product is 55% indica.

2mL in a Polypropylene ‘Eos’ dispenser

Delta-9 THC64.901298


5mL in a Polypropylene ‘Eos’ dispenser

Delta-9 THC-Acid64.903245
Delta-9 THC1.4975
Delta-9 THCV Acid1.3266


Patron® EOS Precise Dispenser designed for the viscous resins of cannabis

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Reviews (13)


  1. cristaleyez27 (verified owner)

    Good flavor so smooth and good buzz

  2. dac (verified owner)

    When I saw that they had a UK cheese flavor, I just had to try this oil as I am a huge fan of the strain. This oil is soo tasty, doesn’t leave a gross after taste in your mouth, and dabs are so lovely!! I love viridesco brand since I have recently discovered it, and I must say I probably will use this brand for a long time. You cant deny that the quality is there! 5.5 stars especially for the UK cheese flavor!

  3. Mat (verified owner)

    Special Agent had me sold on the Spy vs Spy label alone, but the oil itself is pretty nice too. Getting spoiled by selection but can’t wait to see what is in store next from Viridesco.

  4. tiaux (verified owner)

    Second time ordering the Red Congo, if you like sativas it’s great! We made gummies with it and they turned out wicked, very potent. Strong head high without being too much thanks to the bit of CBD (1:10 ratio) it really helps even the high and in my opinion it seems to last longer too. We’ve since ordered more Viridesco oils to experiment with in gummies. Super impressed with these oils, very pure and potent medicine.

  5. Matthew (verified owner)

    Another nice blend from Viridesco, the Sherbet Haze is a bit more on the mild side but definitely medicating, and nice to see a new strain in the mix (some Haze, finally!!). Love the versatility of the cherry and even honey/BHO oils if you splurge for them, I smoke/vape/mostly eat them and get great effects from all

  6. Matthew (verified owner)

    The extra bit of CBD in the Red Congo helps offset added anxiety the Congo may present, interesting medicine I have had fun playing around with

  7. superusers420 (verified owner)

    Gorilla Glue#4/UK cheese – 1st time getting cherry oil and it doesn’t dissappoint. Made gummies with the oil and let me tell you I’m flying high for a good 3hrs on these. Would definitely recommend it to anyone. Also helps me sleep.

  8. Daniele (verified owner)

    Havent had a tasty treat like this in a long time super thick and leaves your pallet wanting more but its got a strong kick though and a little does the job

  9. julien (verified owner)

    Got the red congolese for wake and bake (love it). And the gg4/ukcheese gives a good relaxing buzz for the head with just enough bodybuzz.

  10. Matthew (verified owner)

    GG#4 and UK Cheese in the same blend? Neat-o!! Potent and uplifting from the synergistic blend of these two soaring powerhouses, feels like getting punched upside the head on the up and up and uppp. Good relief all around, body calms inside and out, mind is uplifted and relaxed. If only we could just get UK Cheese now on it’s own…please Viridesco!

  11. Matthew (verified owner)

    Woah. Have tried the Red Congo and it is fierce, and most definitely racy and rushy. Have to be mindful of my anxiety with this one. Can see Sativa lovers going nuts for this

  12. hicalls2 (verified owner)

    Ok I heated this up enough to put in my cartridge to vape. This stuff is so potent I am beyond happy and impressed. I’ll vouch for this

  13. Matthew M (verified owner)

    A Viridesco brand Cherry Oil, made from the Romulan strain? Mm mmm mmmm…

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