VIRIDESCO CBD Hawaiian Haze Ceramic Vape 0.5mL


Viridesco CBD Vape

  • available in a 0.5mL size
  • premium CBD vaping oil from BC buds
  • ceramic vaping cartridge and coil
  • fits any 510 thread vape battery

Viridesco vape cartridges pair perfectly with the Ascera Voltair 510 battery.

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Viridesco CBD Vape

Enjoy full-spectrum CBD in its purest form!  Our oil is an unadulterated concentrate, rich in cannabinoids and terpenes in a  convenient and vapable form!

This Full-Spectrum, Terpene-Rich CBD Oil is extracted using CO2.  It has been independently tested at 71.3% CBD.  Total cannabinoid content is 78.8%

In addition, the oil contains 4.44% terpenes. Top terpenes: Caryophyllene, Humulene, Guaiol, Myrcene

The tropical taste of this strain is a wonderful combination of lavender flower and fruits such as pineapples and peaches. This exotic combination of smell and taste is what makes the Hawaiian Haze a true A-lister.

  Cannabinoid Facts % Value mg/.5mL  
CannaBiDiol-Acid 65.80 329.00
CannaBiDiol 5.46 27.30
CannaBiChromene-Acid 2.75 13.75
Delta-9 THC-Acid 1.91 9.55
CannaBiGerol-Acid 1.72 8.60
Other Cannabinoids 1.15 5.75
  TOTAL 78.79% 394mg  
  Terpene Facts % Value mg/.5mL  
Caryophyllene 1.32 6.58
Humulene 0.90 4.52
Caryophyllene oxide 0.73 3.66
Guaiol 0.59 2.95
Myrcene 0.39 1.96
Other Terpenes 0.50 2.51
  TOTAL 4.44% 22mg  

Our Hawaiian Haze tanks are white ceramic with red trim.

Currently offered in 0.5mL cartridges, 510-thread (the most common battery type).

Viridesco vape cartridges pair perfectly with the Ascera Voltair 510 battery.

Ceramic is fragile.  Do not drop.  Take care to hold the glass tank, not the ceramic mouthpiece, when threading onto the battery.


  1. Philippe (verified owner)

    Very tasty CO2 oil! These carts are amazing for releasing anandamide back into your system to ease anxiety and help with sleep. Great deal on sale!

  2. jay-hga (verified owner)

    Great cart, I tried it when it was on sale and now I wish I had bought more!! I recommend vaping at a lower temperature as I think I burned my oil a bit due to putting it on higher temp. Also, these CBD carts seem to clog a bit more than the other Viridesco ones I’ve tried.

  3. joshcannonball (verified owner)

    I’m a big fan of these. The quality of the actual ceramic carts are good which can make all the difference. The Viridesco brand really makes quality products. I’ve had 3-4 of these so far and will continue to come back for more. They work great for anxiety and do not have any intoxication effect so are great for work

  4. PlayboiGilbert (verified owner)

    The only CBD cart brand I could find and its pretty good. Would recommend

  5. jsmith024 (verified owner)

    This one had the best taste out of them all. Will be getting them on the regular , can’t believe the difference these have made in my life !

  6. malamy (verified owner)

    Very great Product ! Help me in my stress ! Thanks HGA ! I will buy it again !

  7. deals (verified owner)

    Great product! Can’t wait to try the other flavors

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