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Purchase includes Elegant White Battery and charger. Try the pre-heat function!

.5ml ceramic cart


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Viridesco CBD Ceramic Vape Cart
Enjoy Real CBD Distillate flavoured with Organic Terpenes! Our oil is Clean and Clear!
Ingredients: Full-Spectrum CBD Distillate, Organic Terpenes

This CBD Distillate is extracted from hemp using a CO2 process. It has been independently tested at 83.50% CBD. Total cannabinoid content is 91.29%.

We add organic Terpenes to enhance flavour and viscosity.

Blue Dream terpenes: Myrcene, α-Pinene, β-Pinene, β-Carophyllene +
Pineapple Express terpenes: β-Caryophyllene, Myrcene, Limonene, Humulene +

Please be aware that our full-spectrum distillate contains 3.5% THC, high enough for it to be categorized as a cannabis product rather than a hemp product.

Pure CBD distillate (70%+) will crystalize at room temperature. Unlike many popular vapes, we do not adulterate our oil with “toxic” lubricants.

If your product crystalizes, Don’t Panic! This crystallization is normal for pure CBD. The simple solution is to warm your ceramic cartridge until the crystals become fluid. Try the pre-heat function with our elegant white vape battery!

Full-spectrum hemp oil may darken when exposed to light and heat. The quality of the oil is not affected.

Available in 0.5g ceramic tanks. Our 510-thread tanks feature ceramic construction, including a ceramic coil, so there is no metal leaching—just the purest CBD vapor.


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Reviews (7)


  1. maude (verified owner)

    Try to make the cbd melt took about half to an hour with just using the pen, which made the vape pen super warm and felt like it was overheating, couldn’t touch it after a while. Other than that, pretty nice feeling!

  2. m.fleming (verified owner)

    I chose the Blue Dream CBD cartridge and it was flavourful, functional and always hit very well despite when it got crystalized. The handy preheat function on the vape it super useful and I love the way the LED light changes colours.

    I got it on sale and am super happy with the pen. Though I think the charge could last a little longer, it charges back up very quickly. This was my first vape pen and I love how quick and convenient it is! Almost too convenient haha.

  3. mcreel (verified owner)

    I picked one of these up for my wife to help her with insomnia, anxiety, aches and migraines and she seems to really be enjoying the pen. It took some doing to get the two holes where the oil goes to actually take oil. My cart was crystallized as well but about 10 mins with a hair dryer fixed the issue and we were back to decent pulls from the pen. GREAT flavor and effectiveness. Truly a great product, with the only issue being getting the oil moving into the atomizer which can be a challenge. I find the hair dryer may be best for melting the crystals because I’m nervous to drop the cart into hot water. The preheat function, while nice and we could feel the heat from it on the cart, didn’t melt the crystals too well tbh. We continue to experiment. I think there’s a bit of a learning curve for using full spectrum vape carts and this is our first. Overall quite satisfied with this pen!

  4. Wins (verified owner)

    Pineapple Express tasted good but vaped quick and needed to be melted constantly, the pens heating settings were reversed but the cartridge is made for decent flavour overall.. it’s good but very short lasting

  5. Phil (verified owner)

    Mine also came crystalized but melting the concentrate inside vial hot water or the pre-heat function included with the battery did help with moving the oil to the bottom to get good hits. Surprisingly effective and potent CBD medicine here! Really enjoy the natural terps, it really tastes like vaping the actual flower. Helps a lot with sleep, pain, migraines and stress so this product is perfect for my medical needs. Viridesco is the real deal.

  6. jott66 (verified owner)

    The cartridge came in crystalized which made it look like 3/4 of the cartridge was full. You can taste the pineapple express but there is still a harsh hit. Overall satisfied with this product.

  7. hdtvnow2

    You just can’t go wrong with Viridesco for anything medical they’re the ones…homerun again HGA.

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