VIRIDESCO CBD Hemp Flower Oil 78.1%


Strain Type: Hemp


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This CBD Distillate has been independently tested at 78.10% CBD.  Total cannabinoid content is 81.58%. Full Spectrum, Full Plant.

Distillate is made by removing all undesirable parts of the cannabis plant, leaving the cannabinoids we like as a transparent golden oil perfect for pure unadulterated vaping!

This refined oil is Excellent for vaping and smoking.


It is currently offered in these formats:

2mL in a Polypropylene ‘Eos’ dispenser with Silver thread

5mL in a Polypropylene ‘Eos’ dispenser with Silver thread




CannaBiDiol 78.1 1562
CannaBiDiVarin 1.26 25
Delta-9 THC 1.1 22
Delta-9 THCV  0.51 10
CannaBicycLol 0.28 6
Other Cannabinoids 0.33 7
TOTAL 81.58 1632




CannaBiDiol 78.10 3905
CannaBiDiVarin 1.26 63
Delta-9 THC 1.10 55
Delta-9 THCV  0.51 26
CannaBicycLol 0.28 14
Other Cannabinoids 0.33 17
TOTAL 81.58 4079





  1. MyDisplayName (verified owner)

    good so far taste smell viscosity lets see how the anti-inflammatory effect is the real king was co2 FPE 73% from viridesco please bring that back!

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