Viridesco 60 Day Program

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The 60-day Program is an interpretation of the ‘Rick Simpson Protocol’ which calls for the
user to consume 1mL of pure cannabinoid oil per day. To help build up tolerance to the oil,
we have mixed 18 different batches of various strengths of potency.

There are two ingredients used to create this program

– the finest lab-tested cannabinoid resins that have been mixed with

– organic and unrefined, cold pressed, hemp-seed oil.

The daily dosage of this program provides you with the optimum amount of oil you need to
consume each day to build up your tolerance to the cannabinoids in the oil so that optimal
dosage can be achieved in a short amount of time. By following the 60-day program design,
the user will have reached 90% potency by the 60th day and could be ready to consume 1mL of full strength oil, as per the protocol.

In the bottom of the Viridesco 60-day Program box, you will find instructions and pictures
on how to assemble and use the stainless-steel Apollo Dispenser unit. A full daily dose is
equivalent to 6&2/3 turns of the threaded applicator. The notched marks are the raised
marks that go all the way around the housing disc. You can also use the markings on the
side of the cartridge and windows on the Apollo Dispenser to assist you in measuring an
accurate dose. Please always keep the lid on your dispenser and always keep the pressure off
of the rubber gasket unless you are administering a dose.

Click Here for 60 Day Program Guide

Click Here for Further Viridesco Info: How To Use and Dosage Information

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