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THConcentrates RSO Capsules


  • 10mg x 10 caps
  • 25mg x10 caps
  • 50mg x 10 caps
  • 100mg x 10 caps

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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Grade A THC Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) is an essential cannabis resin produced using our cold extraction technique that maintains the full cannabinoid and terpene profile of the cannabis plant. So the full entourage effect and healing properties are maintained intact. Our capsules are made using our premium RSO in coconut-derived MCT oil and are completely vegetarian and gelatin-free.


  • 10mg x 10 caps
  • 25mg x10 caps
  • 50mg x 10 caps
  • 100mg x 10 caps

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Packaging on this product is different than pictured. Same product.


Arthritis, Depression, Stress/PTSD, Pain Relief, Appetite, Nausea, Insomnia

Reviews (5)


  1. King Arthur (verified owner)

    I bought the 50mg and 100mg capsules expecting them to be pretty good as the comments all seemed to point in that direction. Sadly to my surprise neither did anything at all. I don’t smoke a lot or have much resistance to THC in general but these did absolutely nothing sadly.

  2. 8ballmjg (verified owner)

    Fantastic! I usually have it before bed and I sleep like being on a coma.

  3. Matthew

    I make my own capsules using RSO and similar components to put together, but tried these to compare using similar measured dosages. They are legit. A bit more expensive than making things on your own to be sure, but saves a person a great deal of time and effort, and for those of us with limited dexterity/fine motor skills this can be a real bonus as well. Would highly recommend, as RSO/phoenix tears are your best bet as an edible option for relief as far as cannabis goes, full stop

  4. clarke (verified owner)

    These were amazing. Took one, then another after one hour. My husband took 2 together (100mg) and said it messed him up in a good way. He needs a lot of cannabis for his ailments. I liked these and they made me feel relaxed. Strong and hit at different times for both of us. If in order would buy again. Trying out Baked RX THC 100mg instead.

  5. tanya (verified owner)

    Wow. First time purchase and never tried these before and a bit nervous to try since my go-to are edibles. I took this and felt the effects within an hr or so. Very strong and effective. Will buy more! Definitely worth the money @ 50mg each!

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