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THConcentrates / Kloud 9 Phoenix Tears

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*** Packages will either come as Kloud 9 OR THConcentrates, but same quality material *** Grade A THC Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) is an essential cannabis resin produced using our cold extraction technique that maintains the full cannabinoid and terpene profile of the cannabis plant, so the full entourage effect and healing properties are maintained intact. The absolute best product for serious medical users. Packaged in glass rather than plastic, to ensure the distillate is pure and free from toxic additives that plastic packaging can impart.  
If a product arrives damaged, expired, or has a broken seal, you have 48 hours upon receiving the package to notify us. You may be asked further questions and/or for photos which will be evaluated by our product team. If your case is deemed suitable, HGA will either provide you with a store credit or a replacement for your product(s).



*** Packages will either come as Kloud 9 OR THConcentrates, but same quality material ***

An essential cannabis resin (aka Rick Simpson Oil (RSO)) produced using Kloud 9’s cold extraction technique that maintains the full cannabinoid and terpene profile of the cannabis plant, so the full entourage effect and healing properties are maintained intact.
The medicinal benefits of THC as an antiemetic (to treat nausea), muscle spasticity and seizures, neuropathic pain, anxiety and insomnia, as well as anti-cancer activity is well known.
These are the best choice for those seeking healing, as well as the discerning cannaseur.



Grade A THC Rick Simpson Oil (RSO)
Produced using an organic, food grade fruit alcohol solvent Kloud 9’s unique extraction process removes all residual solvents 100% while maintaining the full profile of medicinal ingredients (Highly Potent)


What’s In The Package

Each 1 ml syringe contains 610 mg THC and 2.3 mg CBD, 1.5mg CBG and 1mg CBC, with a full cannabinoid profile



1 ml syringe amounts to 61 x 10mg doses.
One dose is about the size of a grain of rice (Highly Potent)


Suggested Usage

Can be taken orally (directly under the tongue), vaped, smeared on a rolling paper to add to joints and can be used in cooking (added to a carrier oil and then mixed with food or drinks).


Shelf Life/Storage

30-60 days if stored in a cool and dry place when not in use.  Past that the product can start losing its potency.


-Raw (unflavoured)


Stress/PTSD, Pain Relief, Multiple Sclerosis, Arthritis, Depression, Appetite, Nausea

Reviews (19)


  1. Winston (verified owner)

    Potency: When ingested this product is very potent, it’s okay for vaping. Effects: are best felt when ingested, when vaped instant head high.
    Taste: The mint flavour really goes well with the RSO oil. The quality of this product is great for the price and ingestion it’s okay to vape but you have to be careful it can damage ur cartridge

  2. Jean (verified owner)

    Very light consistency. Taste like tropical oil if smoke. Moderate buzz Good value if bought on sale

  3. itsmr (verified owner)

    Kloud9 Phoenix tears was long lasting and easy to use. A little goes a long way.

  4. donna (verified owner)

    I enjoyed this because it was a nice buzz and lasted long time. Slept like a baby. Best to put in warm water as it’s very thick oil.

  5. rontu (verified owner)

    tried unflavored/mint/honey. all were what they claimed. If RSO is too thick to press, hold in hands for a little minute. A full 1ml dose is strong.

  6. Philippe

    One of the better quality RSO I’ve tried. Hits you fast with potent medicinal effects. Great for pain, stress and insomnia.

  7. lynne

    Got this as a sample and couldn’t believe how good it is. Nice high on one grain. It’s such a good idea for HGA to give gift with purchase, otherwise I wouldn’t have tried it. I will definitely be buying it. I have to take it oraly as so many years of smoking(cigs too)lol has left me with COPD .. I thought vaping was the answer but apparently that’s not so good either. Will definitely be ordering this in the future. Thanks.

  8. its (verified owner)

    This RSO works well. Just tried the unflavoured and I liked both taste and effect. Good stuff.

  9. mariana

    really good stuff gets you a good high and tastes good

  10. marnoz

    I tried the favour honey and truly loved the taste and the high

  11. itsmr.russell (verified owner)

    I tried mint in a vape and it was great! 👍 The mint taste is mild and cool. Very potent as well. Give it a try, you won’t be disappointed.

  12. hdtvnow2

    I was very surprised at how strong this product was and how high I got from it. Nice calm high and a bad case of the munchies.

  13. gogoran7 (verified owner)

    Got the honey flavoured one. Taste isn’t terrible compared to other brands of phoenix tears. Very thick oil and quite strong when it hits you. This will help anyone get to sleep easy. I even tried vaping it but that’s not as good or effective. Great cost and strength!

  14. shawn (verified owner)

    Order this stuff to fill my Juul pods. Didn’t think it would work out but it vapes just fine and is very strong two to three hits is all I need.

  15. Christina g (verified owner)

    I got this product to try as an alternative to flowers. I was more than impressed. I had no idea what to expect and tbh used a little more that what I should have. Rookie mistake be careful it is potent.

    It took about 2 hours and then it was like this cool sensation toppled through me and the neck and back pain was gone. I could actually relax.

    I am a complete convert to oils now.

  16. natalie p.

    This stuff is great but make sure to warm it up a bit in some hot water to get an easier consistency. I use these to refill my vape cartridges and it is very cost effective for great medication.

  17. tylers (verified owner)

    I purchased THC Phoenix Tears while it was on sale for $26! This product has great flavour and consistency. Phoenix Tears is an effective pain management treatment.

  18. Matthew M (verified owner)

    Nice and thick and hard to work out of the syringe without warming it a bit. Dark but a golden-amber tinge to the translucency of it. Nice potency, solid RSO. Great pain and GI relief for me, or whatever ails ya no doubt.

  19. kennyc (verified owner)

    First time trying this stuff, and it’s definitely super concentrated. Consistently of tar, so prepare for stickiness. A portion the size of 2 rice grains will have the average Joe flying!

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