Sweet Jane Tincture

$40 $28

THC: 420 mg THC per bottle (30ml)

1 to 1: 120mg THC & CBD per bottle (30ml)

1 to 1: 420mg THC & CBD per bottle (30ml)


Earn up to 28 Points.


THC Flavours: 420 mg THC per bottle (30ml)

Chocolate Mint, Irish Cream

1 to 1 Flavours: 120mg THC & CBD per bottle (30ml)

Orange, Grape, Cherry, Chocolope, Peppermint

1 to 1 Flavours: 420mg THC & CBD per bottle (30ml)

Vanilla, Chocolope, Grape, Grape Ape, Peppermint, Chillin’ Cream, Cherry, Orange, Relaxin’ Rootbeer, Black Cherry Kush

Reviews (8)


  1. Lee (verified owner)

    This is potent stuff. Taste is decent. For the sale price its a steal, I mixed a few drops with the thc honey and it was really nice. 5 stars.

  2. donna (verified owner)

    This is my fav flavour so far. Just like grape. Thick but gets me relaxed everytime. Great stuff

  3. donnas82 (verified owner)

    cough syrup liquid, but very strong and great price, orange was very potent for taste. Vanilla was good. surprising how easy the liquid comes out since its so thick. Added to my drink and dissolved quickly.

  4. liam (verified owner)

    I bought the peppermint and it was decent. It was very thick and reminded me of cough syrup. That being said, it had really good effects and made me very relaxed.

  5. rgjenks (verified owner)

    There is a reason why this stuff is cheaper. If you are accustomed to other tinctures (Buddha for instance) this is a very different product. It is much thicker and pastier consistency and has a much stronger (even pungent) cannabis taste. If you don’t mind treating it like not-so-tasty medicine, however, in the end of the day, the effects are similar, or maybe even more potent than the alternatives.

  6. Valentyne (verified owner)

    Im on a roll with these tinctures.
    Im slowly branching out with the ways i injest THC and CBD and i find that i font need to smoke as much flower when taking these in 1:1 form. Tried the chocolope this time and the chillin cream. The chocolope is more of a strain flavor as opposed to chocolate or sweet flavor. The chillin cream resembles the rootbeer but more of a cream soda taste id say. So good!

  7. Valentyne (verified owner)

    Had to retry new flavors! I cant get enough!
    Chose grape and cherry this time!

  8. Valentyne

    I tried the rootbeer and the cherry kush.
    I love the taste. Its a 1:1 so you can function during the day after medicating. I cant wait to try the other flavors they have!

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