Spectrum MD Daily CBD Gummies (100 x 5mg)


Product may melt and lose consistency due to hot weather during delivery. This will not affect the quality of the product. Please place in freezer for 20 minutes before consuming.

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  1. twebb576 (verified owner)

    Quick, easy, and tasty. An excellent way to take your CBD!

  2. lglopez85 (verified owner)

    I enjoy the product, taste is great and I enjoy two a day. Definitely would recommend

  3. Daniele (verified owner)

    Love these because they are tasty and they are more stronger than others can’t go wrong

  4. kwest (verified owner)

    Great deal at $38 for 500mgs. Effective gummies, not as good as twisted extracts CBD, but they do the job.

  5. ld_maguire (verified owner)

    These were not for me my wife wanted to try CBd . Saw these on sale and grabbed them . She doesn’t notice much except that she in sleeping much better…..which is great she doesn’t like getting high. Taste pretty good too.

  6. Gexcobar (verified owner)

    Im enjoying these. I like to have them around and taking one or two whenever I indulge I little with thc. Overall great buy.

  7. josh (verified owner)

    I take about 5 of these and they seem to take an edge off for me. tasty way to get your cbd fill. As a gummy themselves they are really good and I’m a gummy expert (just ask the local bulk barn workers). Very firm gummy texture that are tasty. I’d order these again for sure

  8. Ashley (verified owner)

    Tasty and soft gummies. Really enjoyed. Would take 4 or 5 at a time. 🙂

  9. malamy (verified owner)

    At this price 38$ it’s amazing value ! Very effective !

  10. sabrina (verified owner)

    I have tried these on a few separate occasions now – I take them to relax my muscles/ ease stress levels in the evening, and they’re pretty good.I usually take 2 rather than just the 1 since they’re a lower dose, but they’re worth it I’d say. The taste takes a little bit to get used to, but they’re not terrible!

  11. alex (verified owner)

    This product is alright. Sometimes you’ll take a gummy and wonder if it did anything. Other times you’ll take a gummy and it does what it’s supposed to do. I use it as an anti-anxiety supplement, and it does the job most of the time.
    I’m comparing them against Twisted Extracts because Twisted Extracts are consistently putting out affordable, effective, tasty products, and they should be the benchmark the industry looks up to in terms of products.

    They’re not as consistent, or as tasty, or as effective as the Twisted Extracts CBD caramels. But they’re good enough to replace them.

    I got them on sales for 30$, worth it at that price point. 50$ is a little steep for the quality. Still a good price point if you’re looking for a no-brainer everyday cbd supplement though.

  12. mari

    these are so great and they help relax, I just don’t wanna stop eating them

  13. ninjastas0 (verified owner)

    Perfect treat for taking the edge off daily life. Taste almost too good you want more than just one!

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