Red Congolese AAAA


Red Congolese is an insanely popular 100% pure Sativa strain that is the result of a cross between a female Congolese X Mexican Sativa X Afghani. This dank bud won 3rd Place for Best at High Times’ Cannabis Cup in 2013 and boasts a THC level that ranges from 18-20% on average.

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Red Congolese is an insanely popular 100% pure sativa strain that is the result of a cross between a female Congolese X Mexican Sativa X Afghani. This dank bud won 3rd Place for Best at High Times’ Cannabis Cup in 2013, and boasts a THC level that ranges from 18-20% on average.

The Red Congolese buds have fluffy and airy light minty green nugs with deep orange and red undertones, thin fiery orange hairs, a layer of fine crystal trichomes, and are sticky with syrupy sweet resin. With a fruity cheesy aroma and a taste of spicy berry, Red Congolese certainly is a delicious treatment option for any medical cannabis patient.

The Red Congolese high is often described as a feeling of elation and awareness with alertness and an increased ability to focus. This is accompanied by a light tingly body high with amplified senses and excitable energy that slowly fades into a feeling of tranquility and well-being.

Because of these uplifting effects, this strain is often used as a wake-and-bake treatment, and is ideal for treating patients suffering from conditions such as anxiety disorders, tension, chronic stress, and fatigue.







  1. Direweed (verified owner)

    i need more of this in my rotation, solid sativa

  2. disfigured (verified owner)

    Managed to grab this on the 420 sale and I’m blown away. I’ve been chasing a rare legit Acapulco Gold strain that I’ve had years ago, and the high from this one is very similar. Very well done and worth the price.

  3. lucas (verified owner)

    Great flower , beautiful smell to clear smoke, lots of energy ! Highly recommend !! Thank you HGA awesome sativa !!

  4. E6697 (verified owner)

    This is my first time trying Red Congolese after seeing so many reviews about it on reddit. The nugs are gorgeously covered in trichomes and have tons of orange hairs growing all over it. The smell of the bud reminds me of grapefruit and the taste was somewhat similar too with lots of citrus terps. The buds did have some minor leaves, but it was not a huge deal. The ash was salt and pepper and the smoke was pretty smooth. Red congo is a great daytime sativa strain that left me without a burnout like most other strains. I would always keep this strain in my rotation if it were not for the high price tag. The package came discreet and smell proof.
    Overall, I would rate my experience with HGA: Bag appeal: 9/10
    Value: 8/10
    Taste: 8/10
    Potency: 9/10

  5. bahbeeburton (verified owner)

    Wow. What can I say that hasn’t already been said before about this strain. Nose right off the bat is like a gassy pine that is both shocking and alluring as you go back for a second and third sniff.

    Nugs were a little on the crispy side not dry but definitely could benefit from being in a air tight container with a boveda.

    As soon as you crack open the nug to grind it you’re greeted by more intense aromas.

    Burns smoothly to a nice clean ash

    Very euphoric high perfect before any event definitely recommended to anybody wanting to keep a clear mind while having that extra pep in your step

  6. tgaur13 (verified owner)

    One of my fav strains I’ve smoked thus far. Great smooth smoke through a joint; ash was white. Tastes of raw mango with a hint of candy flavour. Although small nugs but they definitely packed a massive punch, very high a quality strain.

  7. rubatofunki (verified owner)

    Best tasting and strongest sativa ive had, quite a treat 10/10

  8. brent (verified owner)

    Smells like a lemon, tastes like lemons and root beer, it’s quality, it’s an energetic sativa. I’d buy again but maybe if it ever comes on sale

  9. michael (verified owner)

    Very nice flavour and extremely smooth smoke. Euphoric head high, great for creativity and energy/motivation. I will be ordering again and again.

  10. joshua (verified owner)

    Not typically a fan of sativa’s but this is a good one. Smell is like lemon pledge. Fresh and citrusy with a bit of a boot polish finish. Great cure and smell translates to flavour alright. Burn was a bit dark compared to other strains I’ve had. Effects are clear, clean with little burnout.

  11. s.buttonshaw (verified owner)

    Potent, unique sativa and that is definitely worth the price tag!

  12. 420smithers (verified owner)

    Perfect wake n bake strain tasty citrus flavour unlike any other. THCV high strain gives nice euphoric buzz. Love the body buzz provided by the afghan genetics

  13. johnnyfive91 (verified owner)

    Great wake and bake strain, been hanging onto my last batch for weeks because it’s such a treat to smoke

  14. connoisseurking (verified owner)

    Best Sativa I’ve smoked ever…..Fucken way more 🔥 than any other Sativas. A must buy and try…you will like this one. Almost like a indica but not a indica. Exotic bud for sure…fucken orange hair like a onrangutan.

  15. everydaylovin (verified owner)

    Fantastic cultivar. This red congo rocks. Highly recommended. Pricy at full price. But if ever goes on sale again will grip it all lol

  16. phil (verified owner)

    Ordered 3.5 grams, came in two nice dense nugs.

    Very nice haze and pine taste.

    Pretty strong cerebral effect, also very uplifting.

    Smooth in a joint.

    A solid 9/10 sativa.

  17. matt (verified owner)

    Amazing strain. Would recommend to anyone looking for a daytime strain. citrusy deliciousness. No anxiety. Beautiful buds.

  18. azzyblack (verified owner)

    I usually only smoke indicas, but this is amazing flower, that you can’t miss. The high is so clean and pure sativa, but doesn’t come with any anxiety for me. If anything though, you have to try how amazing this strain tastes: just like Dr Pepper 🔥🔥🔥

  19. bryson (verified owner)

    An unbelievably delicious strain that fits perfectly into my daytime routine. I can function and think openly with this strain. The scent and taste is reminiscent of root-beer to me, which I ADORE.

  20. whiterunguardcaptain (verified owner)

    Smooth draws, wonderful nose, and delectable flavor.

  21. balaberda (verified owner)

    As a sativa fan I always like to have this stuff in rotation. The smell when you crack the bag is like candy and the taste in a vaporizer is amazing.

    The best part is the high. Very clear headed but you always know that you are ripped out of your mind.

  22. komora.pioggia (verified owner)

    AAAA thank you for this great batch of Red Congo!
    Awesome bag appeal, those hairs! With a nice crystal coat with it, I can look at it for hours.
    My intention for this strain was morning and daytime use and it is just perfect for that.
    Very alert high, very functioning, will order more for sure!

  23. manhassonny (verified owner)

    Straight fire. Not for anxious people.

  24. kevin (verified owner)

    I’m very happy with my purchase. The buds are beautiful and the smell is fantastic. It’s a perfect smoke for the morning or afternoon and it will definitely be ordered again!

  25. nyles (verified owner)

    100% Happy Flower!!! Instant Heaven Smelling HGA’s Red Congo:)
    So Glad to see this continue to come back!! This is a fine crafted work of art!
    You can be 300% confident when ordering this Sweet Candy 🍭

  26. thisispaulsgirl (verified owner)

    The best Red Congo I’ve ever come across. Hits all the markets for a true quad. The nose and flavour had me wanting to just keep my face In the bag all day long! A perfect specimen of this classic sativa!

  27. jess_r101 (verified owner)

    Very nice large buds with lots of red hairs. Has an awesome sent and burns well. Also has a nice relaxing high.

  28. Ashley (verified owner)

    Love using this before a home workout. Great for energy and motivation.

  29. rich (verified owner)

    very light! has flavor and large dense nugs. it will differently get you thru the day.

  30. nyless (verified owner)

    BEST Batch of Red Congo received yet!!! minimal leaves is right these buds are all red !!
    Ive had RC a bunch, and this is also the stickiest batch and most trichome covered and potency
    never disappoints here but this batch is potent and stinky in the freshest of carroty vegetable citrus sort of way
    RED CONGO !!!!! is THE BEST!!!!!

  31. maguire (verified owner)

    Very nice stuff. Wasn’t sure what I was getting when I bought this on sale . Was pleasantly surprised to see lots of good sized buds great trim and flavour was awesome piney citrus. Buzz is prettt uplifting as well

  32. tivto (verified owner)

    Been on the hunting a quality version of this strain for a while and HGA didn’t disappoint. One of the best variations I’ve tried hands down. True AAAA quality. Super energizing, creative high that last for hours. Ideal for creative work sessions or starting the morning off right. Great appeal; gorgeous red hairs and oozing trichomes and resin on the inside. I can’t say enough about this Red Congo. High Recommended.

  33. MC (verified owner)

    Wow, this is HIGH end weed man!! Perfect in every way with Perfectly trimmed tight RED buds that are covered in glistening silvery trichomes. The smell is that of carrots, citrus and a touch of spice. And its LOUD!! Taste is exactly as it smells and is a delight. Burns perfect white ash and is as smooth as could be. Literally the perfect morning smoke. It can turn your day around of you’re having a rough one. This would be the ultimate golfing weed. Buy with CONFIDENCE!! True quad thats worth every penny but an absolute STEAL while on sale. Thanks so much again HGA!

  34. s.churchill (verified owner)

    Faaaaancy about as good as I’ve had from anywhere and it was on sale! 0 complaints a million praises on this one lol

  35. jsmith024 (verified owner)

    Amaaaaaaaazing sativa. By far the best cut and example of red Congo I’ve had to date. Can’t express enough how great this stuff really is. My #1 favourite sativa. Thank you HGA!

  36. michaelg (verified owner)

    This is a PURE sativa, recently picked up an oz of this and I can’t get enough of it. This shit slaps you hard with a cerebral high and is paired perfectly with a strong cup of coffee.

  37. nick (verified owner)

    This is some beautiful flower, it’s absolutely covered in red hairs and trichomes, has good bag appeal. The smell is hard to describe, a mix of cheesy, fruity, spice and something else I just can’t put a name on. The high is pure sativa without any anxiety. Really an impressive strain, never had anything like it before. I recommend trying it at least once.

  38. tyler (verified owner)

    Smell is crazy. Real sativa high with no burnout. Love the smoke of this guy.

  39. thomas (verified owner)

    hello my name is thomas and i just learned how to play the congo,,the red one,,juste like my eyes,,first flower i try from here and wow im blowed away like sand by the beach on a stormy day,,want more

  40. imono (verified owner)

    Terps on this are unreal. Has a very nice smell to it. Buds aren’t too dry and are perfect cure & trim. Burns light grey/white-ish. Nice sativa high. I just find the high isn’t as long lasting but could be because I am an Indica guy. Great value.

  41. john (verified owner)

    Smells like walking past some root vegetables in the produce aisle, tastes earthy and sweet. Great potency and effects

  42. nyles (verified owner)

    This is Candy just Candy!!
    Smells, Tastes, Is Just So Pleasing!
    Super Clean and Fresh, and Sticky
    and RED!!! really RED!!
    For Real this a smell and taste you’ll never forget
    and be Searching For Again:)
    I can see why this is so popular
    HGA is like awesome!

  43. itsmeangela (verified owner)

    Beautiful, sweet weed.. excellent buzz.

  44. Muizz (verified owner)

    Strong citrus aroma light but dense nugs with alot of visible orange hairs, hits very smooth and is one of the best sativas for sure !!

  45. dhali (verified owner)

    Amazing buds! Dense buds! Smells sooooo good! Smells and taste gassy. Smooth taste. Buds look beautiful!!!

  46. stewtho (verified owner)

    True five star Sativa. I’ve always found RC to be tasty but weak when I’ve tried it in the past. This is not weak, but it IS very clear/energetic/functional. The taste and smell are unreal. It’s some of the best sativa I’ve ever had, nevermind the insane price tag.

  47. mazzara (verified owner)

    Such an amazing strain. I’m so happy I got this one as it has an amazing smell and taste. Very smooth and the high lasted a long time for me who is a heavy smoker.

  48. Lucas (verified owner)

    Probably the best sativa I have had. Extremely unique flavor and smell with a great strong high!

  49. thecont (verified owner)

    Definitely some solid Red Congo. You get that traditional earthy/woody taste. Great uplifting, productive buzz. A+

  50. bindon (verified owner)

    Nice looking with an interesting taste, active or creative weed,

  51. city (verified owner)

    The buds are beautiful! Red hairs looks like Jim “the Anvil” Neidhart goatee is hanging on them. Good day smoke. Crystal all over the place. Inside and out

  52. avrthom (verified owner)

    Amazing stuff. Very strong with a great smell and taste. I got an ounce of smalls and the quality is perfect. The high is also nice and mellow without being too sedating. I’d definitely reccomend this strain.

  53. Phillip (verified owner)

    This is hands down the best red congo i ever had.taste,trim,smell and potency and cure is perfect and even louder out out a quality me the smell and flavor is fresh and fruity ,spicy pungent type goodness and the effect are just hella nice and potency is great.i .whoever is responsible for growing this did so with love and as far as im concerned you are doing gods work.well done HGA keep em coming!

  54. Ro (verified owner)

    Taste – wow. So good.
    Smell – wow very pungent
    Potency – wow. Loved it
    Overall – wow. Cannot recommend this bud more. One of the best strains I’ve ever had. Cannot wait to buy again.

  55. dan (verified owner)

    Were you ever out in the great alone when the moon was awful clear and the icy mountains held you in with a silence you could hear… while high overhead, green, yellow and red the north lights swept in bars? This is Red Congo. Clear, clean, bright and awe-inspiring.

  56. Rameez (verified owner)

    This is one of my favourites. I’ve tried red congo from others places but hga truly has a cream product. This is my wake and bake and get work done strain. Smells like tangy mangoes and is smooth like crazy lol. Waiting on it to be restocked.

  57. Joseph M. (verified owner)

    This is a great choice. The taste is smooth, with a very mild spicy note on the exhale. A fan of indica’s historically, this strain always makes a strong sativa case for me. Visually pleasing too, so beautiful.

  58. Joe S. (verified owner)

    quickly becoming one of my go to strains. Many sativas get me inside my own head and paranoid, but not this strain. I feel refreshed and able to get stuff done. Smells great, like roasted root vegetables. A little goes a long way when rolling. Would highly recommend.

  59. randy (verified owner)

    This amazing sativa is a great wake and bake strain that is uplifting, focused and happy; doesn’t make you forgetful or dopey. The best facet is that there’s not a trace of a come-down crash. It just slowly lifts away back to sobriety and I can smoke up again and repeat the cycle. My love for this strain goes to the moon and beyond.

  60. biggersilva (verified owner)

    Just excellent….visually beautiful strain full of red hairs. Taste is smooth but can choke you up a bit if your bot ready and dont treat it as so. The lift on this train is powerful and will give you a lift for hours….its no wonder its rated the way it….I will definitely get this strain again!

  61. wolfyx2

    AAAA outstanding!!
    Open the bag and you can’t wait.
    The smell lures you in for the incredible taste that awaits you. Well worth it!! Sticky goodness and nice burn to a great buzz!

  62. anika.p (verified owner)

    Hands down the best sativa atrain around the guys at HGA really know what look for

  63. Brian S. (verified owner)

    Excellent daytime smoke. Very Potent but I’m still functional. Great for outdoor activities or getting stuff done around the house. This bud looks fantastic, beautiful red hairs, and it smells even better. Burns nicely, white ash and good taste. HGA has some of the best Red Congo out there. If you love a good sativa you really can’t go wrong with this one.

  64. Brad R. (verified owner)

    Simply wow. You wanna talk about quads? This strain has bag appeal, its sticky icky, its super crystal coated, scent wise what a sharp smell. This stuff reeks in all the best ways. Above all else compared to the schwagg I’ve been getting from other moms, I can smoke a couple hits of this and get high af!


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