Rain of Frost AAAA


Rain of Frost brings a delicious but pungent nose and great bud structure.

**Bud Size: Small – Medium**


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Rain of Frost is a strong Indica strain that is unique for its potency. High will start as a mild buzz and will end in a full-body relaxing couchlock effect. Rain of Frost brings a delicious but pungent nose and great bud structure. This strain is recommended to be used in the evening to help deal with insomnia, pain, nausea, and anxiety.






  1. Ryan (verified owner)

    Nice bag appeal sticky buds and beautiful nose especially when broken up. rOf hits nice can’t find anything to complain about this strain another good score from HGA.

  2. Sqdcsuck (verified owner)

    Very good strain not my favorite but in my Top 3 for sure.
    The taste and the buzz is similar to DMC 👍👍👍🥉🥉🥉

  3. Diabo (verified owner)

    Great strain.

  4. cjg (verified owner)

    Had some of this before from a diff site and it was amazing. This batch is definitely the same batch from that time because this hit me so good even though I have a high tolerance – mellow, couchlock, indica high. Great flower!!!

  5. Ryan (verified owner)

    Great price beautiful flower And nice potency keep these goods coming HGA.

  6. bpottz12 (verified owner)

    A crazy hitting indica strain, this stuff had me glued to my chair watching youtube. The nose on it is loud and pungent an almost fruity/gassy smell and taste the burn is nice as well, a true quad. I can recommend the DCM and DMC if you want something similar and amazing.

  7. Barry (verified owner)

    Good stuff Never disappointed in HGA AAAA Price point is pretty good Nice smell and burns slow. Showed up moist and ready to smoke..:-)

  8. taylor (verified owner)

    Fire Strain , really potent hits pretty hard to me. Would order again

  9. Sting (verified owner)

    Really enjoying this one! earthy/nutty/gassy DMC/DCM. Kicks!

  10. brent (verified owner)

    Awesome bud here, great structure, smell, potent, and smokes like a winner. Similar profile as the dmc strain but more gas

  11. QuadHunter (verified owner)

    Strong and spicey. One of the DCM/DMC family members. I enjoyed it and would buy it again. Incredible price for a quad.

  12. lekweeeh (verified owner)

    This stuff is top tier for sure, similar smoke to the DMC/DCM as its a DMC cross it really shines through on this smoke! would grab again

  13. Direweed (verified owner)

    This stuff is top notch. Good burn, holds its form and potent 5/5 buzz. well done!

  14. Direweed (verified owner)

    stickyyy! love that RoF is back

  15. clab (verified owner)

    Sad I only got an ounce…:(. Can’t wait for the next batch! Nice work. Hard, dense, stickiness that is second to none.

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