Psilocybin Chocolate Bar Mexican Cubensis


  • 3 grams of Mexican Cubensis inside of each bar
  • Made with 80% Columbian  Cacao.

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These high-quality chocolate bars include the finest Mexican Cubensis mushrooms. 1 square piece of this chocolate bar is our suggested first dose, as they are stronger then you think.
  • 3 gram of psilocybin Mexican Cubensis 
  • 80% Columbian  Cacao.


  1. 333vonvon (verified owner)

    Wasn’t bad. Never had shrooms before so thought I’d give this a try. Gave me a nice buzz but nothing major. I’ll probably try a different shroom edible next time to see if the effects are different. 2.5/5

  2. daniel (verified owner)

    This is a solid product! In a chocolate bar form it’s easier to digest. Had a square and a half, kicked in about 35 minutes later greeted with a giggly, talkative vibe. Would order again 🙂

  3. genter (verified owner)

    Ate the whole thing and it was great ride lol

  4. chaosflare (verified owner)

    Very nice. Had 2 squares and was treated to a few hours of euphoria and closed eye visuals. Can’t wait to try a bit more next time lol

  5. meagan (verified owner)

    great product! I only ate a third of the chocolate bar and that was enough. usually I cant stomach mushrooms but this made it easy to eat and keep down. the buzz was great and lasted roughly 4 hours. I would buy again!

  6. oliewu (verified owner)

    Fantastic!! 1gram of this is all you need for a strong euphoric push in your chest for a few hours. Good stuff!

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