Psilocybin Chocolate Bar Hippy Flip


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These high-quality chocolate bars include the finest Mexican Cubensis mushrooms and MDMA (sassafras)

1 square piece of this chocolate bar is our suggested first dose, as they are stronger than you think.

Made with:

  • 3.5g Mexican Cubensis Mushrooms
  • 250mg MDMA (sassafras)
  • Dairy-Free
  • Sugar-Free



  1. matthew (verified owner)

    Holy hell batman. These bars are no joke. My wife and I had half a bar and were feeling great. Will be ordering a bar each next time! Seriously these bars are great

  2. chaosflare (verified owner)

    Long review.

    Tl;dtr: amazing and strong. Start at 1-1.5 squares. Enjoy the ride.

    Really nice bar. Has one of the nicest highs you can ask for in my opinion. Very euphoric and quite relaxing. No speedy weird effects either.

    Only downside I found was the shroom high didn’t seem to kick in much, had no visuals really at all. May have been the way I split the dose up, didnt get enough of the shrooms at one time.

    My recommendation is to start small 1-1.5 squares, unless you are more experienced then I’d say go for 2-2.5.

    I started with 1.5. The come up was intense, almost felt like a big warm tight hug lol. Not threatening feeling just nice, but it could have made some people feel overwhelmed I think. After that it leveled off into happiness and bliss. Another 1.5 squares after about an hour or so boosted the high a bit but also kicked the eye shaking/wiggling in to overdrive for the rest of the night lol.

    Come down was super smooth with no jitters or weird feelings. Was able to sleep with no issues.

    Highly recommended.

  3. genterwalker (verified owner)

    Crazy good it made my eyes shake lol

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