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Platinum Bubba is produced by crossing the highly revered strains of Platinum OG and Bubba Kush. This strain will emit typical “Kush-like” flavours and aromas, including, earthiness, sweet, and a dash of spice. Effects of Platinum Bubba are known to be long-lasting and fast acting. Effects may be experienced in the form of serene body relaxation, a mean munchie craving, highly sedating in body and mind, moderate cerebral euphoria, and happiness. This strain may be beneficial to treat insomnia, pain, appetite issues, nausea, and headaches. Platinum Bubba is a heavy hitting Indica strain, that’s as good as gold!


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Platinum Bubba Kush is an all-around great Indica strain to medicate with, especially in the afternoons. The kush will make you sleepy, but more importantly, it will ease your mind from those endless thoughts insomnia patients are so familiar with. Like most kush medicine, its effects are full-bodied and provide significant pain relief, stress relief, as well as a boost in appetite. Considered by many as their go-to medication — it’s that powerful of a body-healer.

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Indica Dominant



Reviews (8)


  1. Fuck Cancer (verified owner)

    Not as good at pain management as the death bubba but still good. Helps my wife with keeping her endometriosis pain in check. Cure is excellent as per usual and ash is white. Nice body buzz with a touch of cerebral boost. Helps us focus as it doesn’t couch lock as much.

  2. kostia (verified owner)

    Burns nice and white, smoke not harsh.
    Buds are big and nicely trimmed, you can smell the dank as soon as you open the bag. I didn’t find really strong, but its a pleasant high

  3. bmw335d (verified owner)

    Had this one and it isnt the strongest, i have a high tolerance so that maybe why

  4. dbutt3

    only word I can think of to describe this bud is superb. It glistens when you look at it. Excellent trim, smell, burn and texture. Large, dense buds that smoke very nicely, deliver a great high and the potency is top notch. I’ve tried numerous strains from hga now, all have been true quads and mind-blowing, but this one takes the cake. I’ll be ordering this from now on

  5. kristian d (verified owner)

    Wow what a smell very potent tastes great and burnt nice and slow. Will def be recommending this and be ordering again

  6. Phillip H (verified owner)

    Bought this out tonight to a martini lounge and EVERYBODY loved it.Very sticky,nice smelling perfectly trim large to medium sized buds. Top quality AAAA no doubt.Impressed with HGA every time.Thanks Guys!

  7. rtilden (verified owner)

    Definitely a kush. Stuff is sticky sticky sticky!! Burns beautifully slow. Great for sleep!!

  8. rayhan774

    All the AAAA buds are amazing, it’s always been fire…will buy again for sure

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