Mix and Match 1 OZ (4 x 7g) Cannabis **NEW**


Choose 4 of your favorites or try a new strain!

**Bud Size: Small – Medium**


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Citrus Sap AAA Cannabis Bud
7g strain
Citrus Sap AAA Cannabis Bud
7g strain
Ultra Rockstar AAAA

Out of stock

Citrus Sap AAA Cannabis Bud
7g strain
King garlic AAAA-
Citrus Sap AAA Cannabis Bud
7g strain
Death Mint Cookies AAAA
Citrus Sap AAA Cannabis Bud
7g strain
Death Chocolate Mousse AAAA
Citrus Sap AAA Cannabis Bud
7g strain
Rain of Frost AAAA
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Stock up on your cannabis! 4 x 7g of your favorites. Strains are graded AAA – AAAA





Hybrid, Indica, Indica Dominant, Sativa, Sativa Dominant


  1. lexp24 (verified owner)

    I got a 7 of Garlic breath. Was smaller then smalls and popcorn. Burn black, dry and leafy. First review Im doing cause it was that bad it looks like a joke

  2. Ridersfan421 (verified owner)

    I was very lucky and found a very nice quad in here animal mints . I got 4 , on sale such a good deal

  3. Ridersfan421 (verified owner)

    I got some amazing quads when I ordered this , hga changes strains all the time so sometimes you can get lucky like me and find quads , but the rest are always good also

  4. twebb576 (verified owner)

    New to the site and this was the perfect way to try new strains. Good value too.

  5. paul (verified owner)

    Dank alien is awesome.
    Nice to have a variety as well.

  6. jesstanotherday (verified owner)

    Great way to pick and choose to try out strains! i just bought 4 and wow im in love

  7. 420smithers (verified owner)

    Great option for trying out strains you wish to purchase in bulk.

  8. malamy (verified owner)

    I try chocolate mint and earth bind cookie wow AAAA strain for this price in a mix hood job hga !

  9. malamy (verified owner)

    I love the possibility to try different strain in a mix with a good price ! All strain is good its hga ! Thanks hga

  10. malamy (verified owner)

    Very good deal ! All the strain is amazing for the price ! I love earthbind and bubba skunk wow thanks Hga!

  11. dhaliwad (verified owner)

    Earth Bind Cookies – Very solid choice in the mix and match options available. It has a nice kushy taste and it is potent. Good nighttime buzz and it is really relaxing. One of my favs on this list! Dense buds and they are sticky too 🙂 Smells and taste great! I need more!

  12. phil (verified owner)

    Got the earth bind cookies, pink gas, gas mask, and grease monkey.

    Earth bind cookies is definitely my favorite of the four, but they’re all fire AAA strains in my opinion.

    A great deal for an ounce!

  13. cakesandcheese (verified owner)

    Good deal to sample various strains or take advantage of pricing on the AAAA that pops up… 4 x AAAA strain means ounce for $180! 😉

  14. dhaliwad (verified owner)

    Blueberry – Beautiful purple buds although most were smalls/popcorn. Flavor is great and it is to be expected of Blueberry strains. Potency is fairly decent. Buds are on the drier side but they bust up into way more than you’d expect!

  15. dhaliwad (verified owner)

    Pink Gas – Very dense buds and strong gas smell. Very good flavor and burns nice in a joint. Potency is pretty decent and I’d grab this strain again for sure. I would rate it AAA+

  16. jsmith024 (verified owner)

    These mix and match deals can’t get any better. Have yet to be disappointed by anything offered up on the menu. Outstanding job HGA

  17. axelforward3 (verified owner)

    Had the Citrus Sap, Pink MKU, and Greasy Monkey! Great stuff, smelled great, and the buds weren’t stale. Also order times where better then expected. Thanks again guys!

  18. MC1976 (verified owner)

    Great value here and I got lky in the selection available as I got the Greasy Monkey, 2 qs of White Castle and the Earth Bind Cookies, which I already have but HAD to order while they are this cheap. The EBC is a quad and its just an incredible smoke. Greasy Monkey is what surprised me tho, another amazing smoke with a super pungent nose and potency to match. Wow, what a great smoke. I also love White Castle but haven’t tried it yet. You can’t go wrong if you know which strains to choose. Today, right now, you can’t go wrong with the Greasy Monkey, Earth Bind Cookies, Animal Mints or the Death Mint Cookies. Id say the White Castle is also a very safe bet but I havent tried it yet. White Castle is one of my all time faves for a pure strawberry tasting 50/50 hybrid! Looking forward to that one! Thanks HGA, as always there are some REAL values to be found on the site if youre paying attention and know what to look for. Ive tried probably 60-70% of your strains since 4/20 this year and I’ve rarely been disappointed. Keep it up guys! You’re the very best around imho!

  19. QuadHunter (verified owner)

    Great deal on some great strains. You can’t beat the price, especially if you are on a weed budget. Nice way to try a few different strains before committing to a whole zip (ounce) of one strain. I’ve discovered a few new favorites with the Mix & Match 1 OZ deal. Keep stocking them, and I’ll keep trying them!

  20. john (verified owner)

    great prices on top strains, i got AAAA bubba skunk and black tuna on this mix n match. awesome value!

  21. malamy (verified owner)

    It’s a very good deal !
    I love the option to choose 4 strains for 150$ !
    Thanks !

  22. wavegun (verified owner)

    Great deal for some great bud at the price!

  23. orioli (verified owner)

    GG4 was proper trips, clean, rich high, no seeds, few stems, decent ash
    Face-Off truly made you feel like you wanted to scratch your face off. Kind of a rough smoke but decent. Built a rather quick tolerance to it
    Nuken was ass it was rough, had plenty seeds, didnt look or smell great, ass trim, and 1-2hr high
    Moby D was ok. Quite clean. Id buy an oz of Moby D for $150
    Also I just paid 195 for bubba skunk and now its here for 150 and although it was proper you better be giving out bottom bag for 150 eh
    Overall 150 for this bag was alright but you ended up on this site for a reason so spend a bit more for the real stuff

  24. kameron (verified owner)

    had the meat breath and slurricane. both were good but not anything notable.

  25. jsmith (verified owner)

    Have gotten the mix n match multiple times now and it’s a great deal . Would recommend to anyone that likes variety on a budget !

  26. wills (verified owner)

    Enjoying this blue candy hybrid. It’s nice and relaxing without overdoing the indica. Very smooth smoke, it would be a perfect morning blaze to get your day going

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