Master Bubba


Master Bubba is an Indica dominant (70% Indica / 30% Sativa) strain that boasts an insanely high THC level that ranges between 25-27%.


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Master Bubba is an Indica dominant (70% Indica / 30% Sativa) strain that boasts an insanely high THC level that ranges between 25-27%.

This British Columbia native, has a lemon, pine and sweet flavor. Almost immediately after smoking, you’ll feel a wave of rushing focused energy wash over you that leaves you uplifted and motivated with tendencies towards having psychoactive experiences.

As the high continues, the deep Indica effect of the plant reveals itself, you’ll be eased into a state of utter relaxation with deep introspection and spaciness. Upon the comedown from the high, Death Bubba pulls you into a deep and peaceful undisturbed sleep that lasts for hours on end, giving you the appearance of being unwakeable.

The high CBD content, ranging from 0.3-1% make this strain a nice option for cannabis consumers looking to alleviate chronic pain caused by cancer, neck pain or some spinal cord injuries. It’s also a nice option for those dealing with a lack of appetite.



Indica Dominant




  1. E6697 (verified owner)

    This is a great indica leaning hybrid strain. The strain smelled gassy and the gas translated over to the taste. Super sticky nugs that gave my grinder a difficult time – not that I’m complaining here. I was surprised in the potency of this strain and was couch locked high.

  2. _yeahmaybe (verified owner)

    realllllllly liked this. could really taste the bubba, good high as well

  3. 420smithers (verified owner)

    Very strong nose, and flavour.. Overpowering gas! Great potency as well hits like a brick wall with heavy indica effects.

  4. colin (verified owner)

    I’m impressed by the quality of this Master Bubba. Super strong smell similar to other Bubba strains . Potent effects and almost white ash.

  5. sebastiengravel77 (verified owner)

    A typical Kush strain with a heavy hitting buzz. Perfect for stress, muscular pain or insomnia. You don’t need to smoke a lot from this to get high. AAA+ in my book.

  6. Justin (verified owner)

    Love death bubba my personal favorite great stuff guys

  7. Justin D. (verified owner)

    Got myself yet another order of this strain it always kicks my ass everytime just one of the best you could smoke highgrade has nothing but the best . Keep up the great work guys

  8. daniel t. (verified owner)

    At first glance, bag appeal is pretty! Frosty green buds with hints of purple.

    Upon cracking the bag I got a light piney-kush smell. Some curing may help bring that out some more.

    Into the Volcano, vapes a light sweet-pine with a blend of kush. VERY clean meds! (Definately flushed very well!) Very smooth and light on the inhale and smooth on the exhale.

    Comes on quick with an uplifting, energetic effect, you can feel the sativa influence, but it quickly dulls down into a spacey hybrid-high. Then shortly after creeps into your body with a nice relaxing indica effect, you can feel the bubba’s influence kicking in.

    This encapsulates everything a true Death Bubba should be. A perfect blend of both sides of the lineage. Top Notch!


  9. randy (verified owner)

    This strain is no joke! I don’t think I’ve ever loved zoning out so hard in all my life. Can’t get over how wonderfully strong the effects are. Kicks real hard with both head and body buzz. Jesus does it ever smell, look, and taste amazing as well. Has definitely instantly become one of my favorites.

  10. Justin D (verified owner)

    I agree been with hga for over 2 years and it does just get better and better. I have never been disappointed with my all time favorite DEATH BUBBA by far the best love the taste,smell everything . Its a must try thats for sure

  11. southperry99 (verified owner)

    A great strain that is a must buy whenever it’s in stock.
    Quality and burn are always smooth and consistent and as others have mentioned the high is very powerful!
    Overall very enjoyable strain to smoke 10/10!

  12. anika.p (verified owner)

    I have had all kinds of bubba but you guys a HGA really took it one step above with this one

  13. Paul V

    Lives up to its reputation. Great high that’s lasts.

  14. hitched117 (verified owner)

    Great dank smell and excellent taste. In my top 3 for this site. If you haven’t tried it yet your missing out

  15. xFLAMEZx71 (verified owner)

    Simply one of the best stains from the one and only HGA!! They never disappoint on this!! TASTES “citrus & mild spicy undertones”, BURN “on casper the friendly ghost” (ash) SMELL “better than your grilfriend/wife”;) APPEAL” the tricomes remind me of crabs in a bucket” THE HIGH “well you can tell from my review”

  16. James M

    Love these Bubba’s! This one is more skunky with solid big nuggets!

  17. Chantelle S (verified owner)

    Death Bubba:
    Boom! It goes beyond my expectations every time I swear it gets,better and better
    Buzz,quality,bag appeal,,shipping and everything is AAAA+
    My #1 Favorite go to strain From the 1 & only HGA,

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