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Mary’s Medibles THC Capsules

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Mary’s THC caps are a great way to dose yourself discretely and accurately. Produced with grape seed oil and THC concentrate  
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A very simple yet effective way to medicate, THC capsules made by Mary’s Medibles are the perfect way to stay buzzed without having to smoke or use a vape.

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Ingredients: THC, grape seed oil


EFFECTS / USE: Recommended dosage would be one cap for an inexperienced user, and 2 or 3 for users with a higher tolerance. Ingredients: THC, grape seed oil

Reviews (9)


  1. curty (verified owner)

    I gave them a second chance and just kinda upped the amount with some of the lower dose caps and I’m actually quite enjoying. I just don’t think it’s that potent in general.

  2. noam (verified owner)

    Unfortunately, some of my experience with this product has not always been positive. (Indica 20 mg. )

    Firstly, the product arrived with significant oil already on the inserted cotton, and even some at the base of the bottle.

    Further inspection of the caps themselves, showed there were an inconsistent amount of oil in the caps – some more, or less than others.

    The buzz itself is good I will say, however, you need more than one cap for sure to feel the effects. But obviously, anyone should begin with one – as my experiences could be different than yours.

    Gracias HighGradeAid! Thanks for the products and excellent customer service – such a positive experience.

  3. curty (verified owner)

    I got the 250ml indica. Wasn’t that impressed. Thought there would be more than 12 caps for the price.

  4. vendrasco (verified owner)

    Review for 10mg indica capsules- very helpful for nausea and pain. Received a quantity of 40 capsules

  5. samialex1000 (verified owner)

    Amazing product!

  6. rayhan774

    The perfect way to stay buzzed without having to smoke or use a vape.

  7. Kyler (verified owner)

    The 250mg Sativa pills work great. My tolerance is high so I need a very concentrated dose for it to work. I took 2 capsules and enjoyed the effects for 12 hours. A nice calm, euphoric and happy high…

  8. jno (verified owner)

    This should be better labelled/described: the single bottle photo indicates a quantity of 30 capsules. This is not the case with the 250mg bottle I ordered-it only has 12 capsules.

  9. Daniele (verified owner)

    I like Mary’s caps more than the others these are great for on the go and they even help my girlfriend once a month

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