Mary’s Medibles Indica & Sativa Fudge Brownie 55/140/300mg



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A proper soft, delicious, chocolatey goodness brownie. Thoroughly infused with the finest cannabis extract to make the ultimate treat.

140mg THC, 3.46mg CBD, 3.44mg CBN
300mg THC, 7.42mg CBD, 7.36mg CBN

Ingredients: Flour, Sugar, Milk Chocolate, Walnuts, Butter, Eggs, Vegetable Oil, Vanilla, Baking Soda, Salt, Cocoa, Cannabis Indica

Lab tested patient approved.

IMPORTANT* For new users, always start with a small portion (eg 1/4 of package) in order to determine your tolerance level.


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  1. lejagal (verified owner)

    A delicious fudge and sweet high. I consumed it whole, put me in a beautiful and happy mood. The strong effect lasted 3 hours, then mellow for couple of hours. Just enough to put me to sleep.

  2. audrey (verified owner)

    I loved the taste of these!! They don’t taste like weed at all. Great for someone who wants to try weed for a first time but doesn’t enjoy the taste of weed. I took a 1/4 of the 55mg of sativa brownie and I felt it a bit, but nothing strong. A smooth high.

  3. ashl (verified owner)

    Perfect!! 10/10

  4. trev

    Not really into really baked edibles but I ate the whole thing and it put me to sleep lol the High was relaxing, wasn’t expecting it, kinda sneaked up on me lol i
    Love it

  5. manoz1211

    The best ever I love this so much I can’t wait to order some because mine was a gift and 100% it tastes amazing

  6. Matthew

    HGA carries the best edible brands, Mary’s being one of them. Doesn’t taste as weed-y as Baked brand products and is close to as potent. An impressive classic pot brownie

  7. samia (verified owner)

    Mary’s always makes great products. First I’ve had the indica one, couch locked but went for a ride

  8. Eric S (verified owner)

    Tried the 300 mg brownie. It tastes pretty weed-y, not very sweet but it gives a nice buzz about an hour after eating. There are other brownies that are sweeter and creamier/softer, but this one works in a pinch, wasn’t bad.

  9. James M

    Idk why but the brownie got me more messed up than the cookies for some resin!! Both were Colton’s and delicious! I’ll ask her personally next time I would go with the brownies lol

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