Mary’s Medibles Sativa Bunnies 140mg

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A chewy sweet classic gummy that are lab tested and patient approved.

Content: 4 bunnies
140mg THC, 1.35mg CBD, 1.32mg CBN Lab tested patient approved.

Ingredients: Sugar, Gelatine, Natural and Artificial Flavors, Citric Acid, Cannabis Sativa

IMPORTANT* For new users, always start with a small portion (eg 1/8 of package) in order to determine your tolerance level.


Reviews (22)


  1. sabrina (verified owner)

    These are suuper fun to watch movies on. They creep up on you – 1 for me is more than enough! I also find they hit quicker than an hour, maybe like 30-40mins max to kick in. Love these. Mary’s is my go-to brand for sure.

  2. gill (verified owner)

    Very good high nothing overly strong after one gummy good for a nice day buzz

  3. mariana

    these are good for a fun time with friends they are huge

  4. maria

    these are really bog wow bpmbbbbb love them for sure recomenndddd

  5. ninjastas0 (verified owner)

    These are good for a good time with friends and laughing at nothing

  6. kaky (verified owner)

    Great for a daytime high. I have a high tolerance so I take 2 and feel great. Uplifting and energetic. I can still function but feel great doing it! Recommend these. Mary’s products are always great!

  7. dbh (verified owner)

    Excellent bunny for a night of non-stop laughing and they should really rename these to “HAPPY BUNNIES”. I really loved the effect of these and only needed 1/2 a bunny for a full night of laughter and stress relief.

    These are a bit more rubbery than others I’ve had, but I really liked that aspect as you can chew them awhile longer, helping to resist that urge to do more (which always happens to me when I like the taste).

    No weedy after taste at all, just delicious fruity flavor and smiles for hours!

  8. Matthew

    Not quite as much oomph as the Indica Teddies but that is okay as I use them for different effect, an added boost to my daytime medicine regimen as needed. Have a nice synergistic effect with the Viridesco oils, and again are great for a quick dose on the go or to add for boosting effect to your edible regimen. Or if you’re with a lower edible tolerance lucky you, these will be fantastic!

  9. hamdalla.a (verified owner)

    This product is great. I ate this in the parking lot of the arena right before attending my first ever live UFC event ( a little irrelevant i know). It made the event even more great when it hit me lol

  10. samialex1000 (verified owner)

    Some of my favs
    Mary’s are the best

  11. z_bryan911 (verified owner)

    Ordered it again! these guys are lightning fast with the delivery ! great product!

  12. z_bryan911 (verified owner)

    Great product and super fast delivery

  13. tanya (verified owner)

    Yummy! Not too sweet and always a guarantee and 2 bunnies give u a great high. Love the packaging💕

  14. mdasil01 (verified owner)

    One of my favourite products, especially for the price.

  15. Rod (verified owner)

    Love these, the best gummies I’ve tried

  16. Jeremy (verified owner)

    awesome clean product that delivers

  17. Jason H (verified owner)

    Awesome edibles for the day. I’ve a heavier user, munched on two and had me feeling pretty toasty for quite a while. A friend who is a rather new user ate one and he was hit pretty hard for a few hours.

  18. Randy M (verified owner)

    Took 1, felt ok, took another felt amazing. Was able to function and get my work done. Nice functional buzz, will buy again.

  19. thomas

    These are great edibles for the day. Took them in the morning and was able to function all day with a nice mild buzz added. Would order again!

  20. natalie p.

    I love these things for micro dosing throughout the day. It’s great that you can purchase both indica and Sativa teddies for day & evening use!!
    I grab a couple with every purchase.

  21. William P (verified owner)

    Oh ya! Two of these things gives you a real nice buzz, definitely worth it

  22. James M

    I love these lil bunnys. I throw two of them in my Jello & in a hour I’m ready to bounce!

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