Mary’s Medibles Phoenix Tears



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Our finest extracts go into our premium Phoenix Tears. Renowned for the medicinal properties, our heavy Indica Phoenix Tear is a pure fully extracted cannabis oil. This customer favourite is well known for a multiple of medical treatments and is often the go to product for cancer patients at all stages of their treatment. Our extraction process and testing means that our Phoenix Tears come with a consistency that customers and patients can rely on.


  1. Perrosompopo (verified owner)

    Very Strong. If you want an amazing high like you’ve never had before – go ahead and try this product! You’ll be mind blown!! I also used this product to help a family member with her cancer treatment. This RSO has been so beneficial for her and its greatly reduced pain and brought some laughs back into her day. I’m so happy with this product

  2. daniel (verified owner)

    Got this for the wife because of her raynaud’s disease and helps enormously with her pain. She uses it daily at night for her pain and seems to love it 10/10

  3. nie (verified owner)

    I love this stuff. Use it on a daily basis and I use it for everything. 10/10

  4. robert (verified owner)

    Helps a great deal with pain. Very strong but quite mellow at the same time. You don’t really notice you are buzzed more than you realize everything is just relaxed. Last for several hours for me with a 2xgrain of rice size glob. Excellent stuff.

  5. mari

    great high and love this product

  6. Matthew

    Some good old school RSO. Strong, heavy body stone

  7. susanlopu (verified owner)

    Great high. Lasts for hours.

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