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Full spectrum

Kloud9 Extracts has set out to bring you a full vape experience. All aspects have been carefully chosen so that you, the consumer can feel happy from start to finish. Their cartridges are sourced from AVD710, a leader in producing cartridges specifically designed for cannabis, and one of the very few who have passed testing for heavy metals. There is no better or safer cartridge on the market. Which leads us to our full spectrum oil. Produced on-site in small batches, our proprietary blend of oil and locally sourced terpenes creates a smooth inhale on every draw leaving the consumer purely elevated. After all, doesn’t everyone want to be on Kloud 9?

Ever wondered why there is an air bubble in your cartridge? When cartridges are filled the oil is at a warmer temperature. As it settles, it saturates the coil, some carts more than others as temperature isn’t always exact. This process can sometimes leave an air bubble. This is necessary for shipping of the cartridge. Rest assured it has the same amount of oil in every cartridge.

Our blends do not contain any Vitamin E, Acetate, PG, VG, PEG, MCT, Coconut oil, or any other harmful ingredients.
Reviews (15)


  1. Sqdcsuck (verified owner)

    Tout simplement un produit ça coche pas de toux ou de gorge qui arrache. Seulement un bon buzz en toute discrétion. Les embouts sont en céramique. 9/10

  2. mazzara (verified owner)

    Haven’t had carts in a while but these were nice. Gsc has a nice taste to it. The buzz isn’t crazy but nice to keep one going or for some sly hits.

  3. boredyetca (verified owner)

    Taste and smell like genuine bud and they last a while too. They hit great without the original Kloud9 vape kit, even on some ordinary 510 thread. Def a staple of a doob kit where you want something to hit with minimal scent and detection.

  4. sxmcg (verified owner)

    Tried a number of these full spectrum cartridges recently. Amazing quality, terpenes, pull, and high. The King Louis has a earthy flavour, and is extremely potent. Not my favourite flavour terpene wise. Strawberry Cough is delicious. The best tasting one in my opinion. Jack Herer as well, a very pure Sativa taste. Overall, the carts hit hard, reliably, and effectively deliver a pleasant and long-lasting, strain specific high. 10/10 would reccomend. Ordering more as I type this.

  5. mari

    its pretty good I have tried pineapple express recently and I thought it was quiet good

  6. mari

    blueberry is great smooth pulls and no clogging greats sleeps aswell

  7. vendrasco

    Review for blueberry kush. His product has grown on me. No issues with clogging…the effects are perfect for evening or bed time will reorder

  8. Kali R (verified owner)

    Raw Full Spectrum – As with all the full spectrum carts, I definitely noticed that this tasted a bit more like actual bud than any distillate carts I’ve tried – very delicious natural terpenes. I find that the high is much more well-balanced and potent than distillate carts too.

  9. Kali R (verified owner)

    Tangie – Very surprised by how hard this cart hit. The high is a very intense creeper, and builds up over time into a sweet, sweeping sensation that envelops and traverses the body.

  10. Kali R (verified owner)

    Pineapple Express – This cartridge had a very tropical, citrusy flavour, with a balanced blend of body and mind sensations. Very peaceful and uplifting overall.

  11. Kali R (verified owner)

    Blueberry Kush – This cart is by far one of the most flavorful, like a berry medley. The high is clear behind the eyes, yet powerful in both the body and the mind. Definite pain reliever, but doesn’t knock me out, which helps me stay social while freshly medicated.

  12. Kali R (verified owner)

    Alaskan Thunderfuck – This was legit one a one hit strain for me; super potent and good for chronic pain relief. Definite appetite stimulant as well, have some munchies on hand for this one!

  13. Kali R (verified owner)

    Granddaddy Purple – Delicious grape flavour, with an intense high that moves from powerful brain tingles to a full body buzz. Great for pain and stress relief.

  14. Kali R (verified owner)

    Northern Lights – Light herbal citrus aftertaste; the high has mellow beginnings, starting with a tingle in the top of the head, building into an intense body high, while still remaining clear behind the eyes and not too overwhelming.

  15. Daniele

    Ñot bad nice taste great for on the go makes you want more

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